Geneva Sound System Model XS

Geneva Sound System Model XS
(photos: Geneva Lab) Geneva Sound System Model XS | £179.00 |

remember the days when your grandpa’s love of music result in a stack of audio equipment, along with a clutter of cables snaking around the house? that was then. in today’s context, good sound reproduction requires far less bulk and completely clutter-free. to this end, we go on the wireless portable route and that’s the Bluetooth speakers. surely the market is not lacking of such speakers but one that is packed with features and a good look to boot, is not something you come across every day. the Geneva Sound System Model XS happens to be part of that rare breed. billed as the world’s first portable audio system with true Hi-Fi sound, the Model XS drew its inspiration from the classic travel clock with its leather-like clamshell design. the Model XS features a built-in alarm clock, digital FM tuner, digital amplifier with stereo speakers, and of course, Bluetooth wireless streaming from your Bluetooth-enabled devices such as the iPad, iPhone and other smartphones and tablets. available in three signature Geneva colors: red, black or white finishes, the Geneva Sound System Model XS will set you back at £179 a pop or about US$283, base on the current going rate. check out more images of the Model XS in the gallery after the break.

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