SEIDIO OBEX Waterproof Case for Samsung GALAXY S 4

have you heard? Samsung will be unleashing a ruggedized S 4 (dubbed ‘Active’), but until then, you just have to content with the regular S 4, or the plain vanilla S 4 slated for June release, if TouchWiz isn’t your cuppa. regardless, if ultimate protection is on the top of your must-do list for the S 4, you might want to give SEIDIO OBEX Waterproof Case for Samsung GALAXY S 4 a thought. like its

Sena Cases for Samsung GALAXY S4

already researching for the best case for your upcoming Samsung GALAXY S4? if leather is your kind of thing, then perhaps the Sena Cases for Samsung GALAXY S4 might tickles your fancy. instead of the usual plastic offering, Sena Cases has out four Nappa leather items that should have most folks’ need covered. the

SnappGrip – Smartphone Case with Camera Controller

are you working hard towards being a pro-iphonegrapher? if so, London-based Lee Harris have something that you might need to make that happen (skills not included, of course). the product in question is the SnappGrip, a smartphone case (a pretty snazzy one, if we might add) and camera controller combo that…

Grace Digital gdock

how do you judge the popularity of a handset? the answer is obvious: when accessories makers start making a dedicated sound dock for it and with Grace Digital gdock sound dock, you know Samsung GALAXY devices are at the top of the food chain, previously reserved only for Apple’s small devices. so is the table turned as far as smartphone goes? we shan’t delve into it…