smanos UFO Home Camera Brings Birds’ Eye View To Home Security Camera

Up till today, home security cameras are plagued by a lingering problem: blindspot. You can address this with more cameras and make the room look like a secured banking facility, or you could go with smanos UFO-shaped Panoramic Smart Home Camera. This futuristic UFO-esque home security camera boasts a HD fisheye lens that enable it […]

This Ingenious Outdoor Security System Is Powered By Your Porch Light

There are two ways to home security: reactive and proactive. The former only acts when a B&E occurs, while the latter aims to prevent it from happening in the first place. Instead of watching helplessly at bulgars ransacking your home through indoor security cams, the Toucan Home Security System covers the outside of your home […]

The World’s First Security Drone Is Ready To Chase Down Perpetrators

Remember the flying security drone we featured a while back? Well, while those are guys are still pitching the idea to consumers, Japanese security specialist SECOM is ready to dish out one for a cool 800,000 Yen (about US$6,600), plus a 5,000 Yen (US$41) monthly security service fee. Though we suspect, this is won’t be […]

Owl-like Ulo Surveillance Camera Is So Cute That It Doesn’t Even Look Like One

A surveillance camera is a surveillance camera. There are limited ways you can make them less discreet as long as they are cameras. Unless your intruders haven’t been out of the cave in the last 100 years, they will know eyes are on them. But French designer Vivien Muller begs to differ. He wants the […]

Startup Wants High-tech, LIDAR-equipped Autonomous Drone to Watch Over Your Home

Finally, a startup that speaks my mind! All this while I have been thinking why drones haven’t been incorporated into our home security system. I mean, the technology and everything are there to allow us to create something completely autonomous that could be used to watch over our property like a faithful security guard as […]

Sleek Cocoon Home Security System Can Sense Through Walls and Floors

Home security is essential, but usually it is implemented at the expense of your beautiful interior decor which you may have dropped tens of thousands for. The truth is, it could invasive, unsightly and more often than not, involves a chockfull of other devices and peripherals, but not with the Cocoon Smart Home Security System. […]

NETGEAR Enters Home Security Market with True Wireless Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Kit

Home security. It seems like fate had us covering a little more security products than usual, but hey, you probably worked your ass off to up keep the home and own everything that’s within, so the last thing you want is to have it violated and have stuff taken away by some punks. Though we’re […]

Kuna Wants to Prevent Home Break-ins Even Before it can Happen

There are two major types of home security: passive and proactive. Needless to say, the latter is what everybody strives for, but still, we find manufacturers are more incline to sell motion sensors and security cameras, then trying to prevent the break-ins in the first place. But how do you even prevent a break-in when […]

Blink Brings New Meaning To Wireless Home Monitor By Doing Without Power Cable Altogether

we love the idea of home monitors, but loathe the fact that most such cameras can’t do without cables. sure, most of them, if not all, are wireless. honestly, most people of today will be offended if they aren’t wireless, but are they really wireless? well, sadly, not so. the cameras have to be powered […]

66′ Honda P25 Scooter Turned into a Surveillance System

what does surveillance system has in common with a scooter? to be honest, we can’t think of any relation between the two. aircraft, maybe, but a scooter or even a motorcycle is way off the relationship chart. anyhow, that doesn’t stop renowned Japanese motorcycle builder Chicara Nagata from collaborating with Japan Security System