Ystudio Wants You to Feel the Joy of Writing Again with These Pure Copper and Brass Writing Instruments

There are really nothing much to write about writing instruments unless they are carved out of gold, embellished with pen load of gems, and they command an astronomical price. The Ystudio Copper and Brass Writing Instruments you see here is not cast of precious metal, neither are they loaded with rare stones. While we can’t […]

Batman Arrives on the Cover of Moleskine Notebook, But He Won’t Stick Around for Long

Come to think of it, we have yet to see any modern Batman taking down notes, but that don’t really matter, because as a Dark Knight fan (that’s if you are one), chances are you may take note and if you do, you might be interested in the Batman Limited Edition Notebook by Moleskine. Like […]

This Brushed Aluminum Pen Is Also a Stylus and a 700 mAh Portable Battery

Well, you need to write in ink at some point. You also need a stylus at some point too and there is little doubt that we always in need for battery juice. So then why not grab a Power Pen? As the product name implies, it is a pen, but what it didn’t say is, […]

Spark Notebook is a Proof That Taking Down Notes Don’t Need to be Digital

Despite the proliferation of digital media and the convenience of tablets and phablets, we felt that the good’ol physical writing is the best way to jot down ideas and we’re pretty sure at least 2,500 folks on this planet are on the same page with us. How we know? By judging by the popularity of […]

Bondic is Not a Glue, it is Liquid Plastic That Hardens with UV Light

The use of super glue has some correlation to stress. Why? Because we are always racing against time to align the broken pieces before the glue hardens, which usually occurs in a matter of seconds and on top of that, we run the risk of getting our fingers stuck together (or worst, glued to the […]

E-Racers Take on a Whole New Meaning with These Pullback Racing Erasers

Eraser. The staple of our childhood education lives and depending on where you’re from, it may have one or more uses other than correcting mistakes, be it a game of tossing challenge or simply loaded one with staples to race them across the desk. But we shan’t dwell into that subject anyway, because the E-Racer […]

These Dumpsty Artist Editions Let You Organize Your Desk with Dumpsters Decorated by Prolific Street Artists

too many junks on your desk? we say dump them all in a dumpster. no. not that dumpster. the Dumpsty miniature dumpsters. you may have seen Dumpsty before, but these Dumpsty Artist Editions are not just any standard Dumpsty. granted they still has the same handmade construction of heavy-duty recycled steel, measures the same 11 […]

Write Down Your Plans on Paper and Be Reminded of Them Digitally with Evernote Planner by Moleskine

so you are comfortable with pen and paper? but how nice if you could translate what you have written with a regular pen into digital form and have say, your appointments jotted in your planner and be reminded of them digitally via your mobile device? though it involves your good’ol writing materials, but it sure […]

This Smartpen Uses Real Ink and Paper, Lets You Digitized Your Writing In Real-time

stationery shop’s writing instrument section is a stark reminder that how we reliant we are on pen even in this digital age, which brings us to a wish that has been lingering in our minds: how nice it would be if the things we doodle or write gets digitized automatically. well, you and us can […]

TAKUMI Pen Is The World’s First Length Adjustable Pen, Accepts Over 50 Types Of Refills

i can’t remember when was the last time i used a pen or pencil. oh wait. as a matter fact i do: it was for filling out the lottery form. anyways, it goes to show that traditional writing instruments still has its place in our gadget filled, gestures-reliant world. be it for filling out forms, […]