AC Ryan Expands into the U.S., Debuts VEOLO 4K Streaming Player on Amazon

If you adore 4K resolution and want your home entertainment to be future-proof, then you would want a 4K capable streaming media player as part of your 4K home entertainment setup. If so, you will be glad to know that Singapore-based AC Ryan is expanding their presence in the U.S. with the help of Spear […]

Razer Forge TV Brings Android And PC Gaming To Your Living Room

Android-based game console is not the newest news, but one that streams PC games to your living, now that’s news and such is what the Razer Forge TV, introduced at last week’s CES, can do. Razer is going all nuts about Android-based gaming and the Forge TV is set to pose serious competition to traditional […]

AC Ryan Brings 4K Playback to Streaming Media Player with Veolo 4K

4K content is not widespread yet, but that does not mean you cannot be prepped for its imminent arrival. That said, you can start by acquiring a 4K-capable TV if you haven’t done so and a 4K-capable streaming media player, such as the AC Ryan Veolo 4K Streaming Media Player. Veolo 4K is the latest […]

Amazon Goes Head-to-Head with Chromecast and Roku with Fire TV Stick Streaming Media Player

In case you’re wondering about the post title… no, we didn’t make it up. The fact that the new Amazon Fire TV Stick‘s press text kicks off with a statement like “powerful hardware – dual-core processor, 2x the memory of Chromecast…” and makes reference to having 32x more storage than the Roku Streaming Stick, it […]

Google Announces New Nexus Phone, Tablet, Player and Android ‘Lollipop’

today (or yesterday for some), Google has announced a few new products without much fanfare, like it always do. and so yes, the much anticipated Nexus 6 is official and it was announced along with two other new Nexus devices: Nexus 9 tablet and a Nexus Player, a streaming media box for, you know, stuff […]

Tubecore Duo Expands Beyond Wireless Audio Streaming, Lets You Play Steam Games Too

Tubecore Duo Intelligent Home Audio System distinguishes itself as a capable tube-powered wireless speaker, but their latest DUO has little more to offer than blissful audio reproduction. with the new DUO, it now boasts integration with Intel’s Next Unit of Computing (NUC), supporting up to Intel Core i5 processor and Intel Graphics HD 5000 GPU, […]

Meet MatchStick, the First Firefox OS-based Streaming Media Stick

if you are looking for an alternative to Google’s Chromecast, then you might be in luck. MatchStick is the first Firefox OS-based streaming media stick, or adapter if you prefer, that do pretty much what you expect a streaming adapter allows you to do, including casting video, website, among other content from Firefox device, Chrome […]

What We Have Missed: Day 220, Week 32 In The Year Of 2014

Dart – The Next Generation Active Stylus With PCB Digital Circuitry if you doodle with an iPad, chances are you use a stylus. the problem with today’s styluses is the ridiculously wide tip, which can’t do fine lines or write minuscule letters. in comes Dart stylus. it has an super thin 2mm fine silicone tip […]

Tubecore Duo Intelligent Home Audio System

the market is no shortage of good looking wireless speakers, but you’d be hard-pressed to find one that could be described as an all-rounder. lucky for you, the Tubecore Duo Intelligent Home Audio System happens to be one that fits the ‘all-rounder’ bill. we can’t deny the fact that this hardwood cabinet enclosed audio system is an absolute…

Amazon Fire TV

we are all familiar with smartphones. now imagine a smartphone squeezed into a flat, black box with no display and no buttons, now that’s what the Amazon Fire TV is. set top is not the newest thing on planet earth, but the Amazon Fire TV wants to expand your couch potato universe further by letting you play popular…