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Tubecore Duo Expands Beyond Wireless Audio Streaming, Lets You Play Steam Games Too

Tubecore Duo Intelligent Home Audio System distinguishes itself as a capable tube-powered wireless speaker, but their latest DUO has little more to offer than blissful audio reproduction. with the new DUO, it now boasts integration with Intel’s Next Unit of Computing (NUC), supporting up to Intel Core i5 processor and Intel Graphics HD 5000 GPU, that not only streams of music, but also runs Steam and XBMC. the exterior looks nearly identical to its predecessor, but that’s as far as the similarity goes. beneath its attractive wooden enclosure, it boasts an upgraded internal electronics to include Tubecore’s 48V vacuum tube pre-amp and a 24-bit digital-to-analog convertor (DAC), working alongside with a multi-stage filtered power distribution system which is said to provide a distortion free playback even when crank up to the eleven. Continue reading Tubecore Duo Expands Beyond Wireless Audio Streaming, Lets You Play Steam Games Too

Meet MatchStick, the First Firefox OS-based Streaming Media Stick

if you are looking for an alternative to Google’s Chromecast, then you might be in luck. MatchStick is the first Firefox OS-based streaming media stick, or adapter if you prefer, that do pretty much what you expect a streaming adapter allows you to do, including casting video, website, among other content from Firefox device, Chrome and other supported apps. so yes. it is a WiFi-connected stick that you plugs into any available HDMI port of your HDTV or HD monitor, letting you view contents on your glorious 105-inch TV – if you have one of those, or basically, anything that’s bigger than your smartphone, tablet or laptop screen. Continue reading Meet MatchStick, the First Firefox OS-based Streaming Media Stick

What We Have Missed: Day 220, Week 32 In The Year Of 2014

Dart Active Stylus Dart – The Next Generation Active Stylus With PCB Digital Circuitry
if you doodle with an iPad, chances are you use a stylus. the problem with today’s styluses is the ridiculously wide tip, which can’t do fine lines or write minuscule letters. in comes Dart stylus. it has an super thin 2mm fine silicone tip with built in circuitry to enable iPad to recognize the stroke it makes. $59.99. BUY.

Backtracker Radar For Bicycle Backtracker Puts A Micro Radar At The Back Of Your Bike
there are two parts to this cycling safety gear: a micro radar with built-in lights that can detect cars up to 400 feet away and flashing more frequently as the cars get closer to alert them of your presence; and a handlebar-mounted LED readout that illuminates as cars approaches, so you can be better prepared. $199. BUY. [via]
Slingbox M1 Slingbox M1 Lets You Stream From Your Home TV To A Laptop or Mobile Device
boasting WiFi connectivity, the Slingbox M1 lets you watch local or cable programs while you are thousand of miles away, or simply just extending the feed from your cable box to other TV sets at home via a Slingbox app on Roku, Apple TV, and other set top boxes – all without being bothered by geoblocking. $149.99. BUY.

BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer BACtrack Vio Is A Breathalyzer That Works With Your Smartphone
connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, BACtrack Vio is a keychain-size breathalyzer with MicroCheck Sensor technology that lets you keep tab on your alcohol level without the need to plug into your phone. readouts are wirelessly send to a free BACtrack companion app on your smartphone. $49.99. BUY.

Fujin Vacuum Cleaner Lens This Faux Lens Will Suck Dust Out Of Your DLSR Sensor
the lens-like vacuum cleaner by Fujin is designed to attach any Canon DSLR with an EF mount and activating it will simply suck out any dust and whatever foreign particles that are not suppose to be inside. you will need to fire off the shutter to expose the sensor for it to suck our particles from there. 3,500 Yen. BUY. [via]
AMD Firepro S9150 GPU Meet FirePro S9150, AMD’s 2 TFLOPS HPC Graphics Card
need a ridiculously fast performing GPU for your server? AMD has one for you: the FirePro S9150, which outguns NVIDIA’s K40 by a good 76 percent at 2.53 teraflops. it is fabbed using a 28nm process and uses similar graphics technologies as found in Xbox One and Playstation 4. $tba. LEARN MORE. [via]

Tubecore Duo Intelligent Home Audio System

the market is no shortage of good looking wireless speakers, but you’d be hard-pressed to find one that could be described as an all-rounder. lucky for you, the Tubecore Duo Intelligent Home Audio System happens to be one that fits the ‘all-rounder’ bill. we can’t deny the fact that this hardwood cabinet enclosed audio system is an absolute looker and the single control knob machined from solid aluminum mounted atop only adds to its character, but it is what goes has under the wood that draws us to it. combining the best of the old- and new-school technologies, the Tubecore Duo marries the powerful warm sound as offered by analog technology of solid state amplifier and two single-phase vacuum tube pre-amps to an onboard computer, featuring a 24-bit DAC for streaming of rich, uncompressed audio and also opening up to a world of media possibilities by allowing you to stream virtually everything from everywhere. Continue reading Tubecore Duo Intelligent Home Audio System

Amazon Fire TV

we are all familiar with smartphones. now imagine a smartphone squeezed into a flat, black box with no display and no buttons, now that’s essentially what the Amazon Fire TV is. set top is not the newest thing on planet earth, but the Amazon Fire TV wants to expand your couch potato universe further by letting you play popular games on it with an optional proper game controller with a la-Xbox controller design, but with familiar Android controls as well as media buttons along the edge. and we heard big names in the gaming industry are in it too, such as Minecraft. anyway, as for being a streaming media player, it streams 1080p and offers access to big entertainment channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Showtime, Hulu Plus and more. Continue reading Amazon Fire TV

Oppo BDP-103D Blu-ray Player Darbee Edition

thirteen is the number of articles here tagged with Blu-ray Player, which kind of explains the rarity of this medium in today’s context. Blu-ray player is hardly the first choice device for home entertainment needs, now that streaming has taken the crown as the preferred medium, but the Oppo BDP-103D Blu-ray Player begs to differ and you will want this in your living if you are dead serious about having a beefy A/V system. it is loaded with features that both audiophiles and videophiles could only dream of, including 4K upscaling, 2D to 3D conversion, DVD audio and Super Audio CD playback (yes, those still exists), in addition to access to popular entertainment network such as Netflix, VUDU, CinemaNow, Pandora and Rhapsody, just to name a few. Continue reading Oppo BDP-103D Blu-ray Player Darbee Edition

Sony BRAVIA Smart Stick

still haven’t catch on with Smart TV? well, if you haven’t and have no plan to splurge on this worldly connected indulgence just yet, and has a plain jane 2013 Sony TV sitting around, then Sony wants you to check out the Sony BRAVIA Smart Stick (NSZ-GU1) – a device that will turn that “unconnected” TV of yours into a connected set. the Smart Stick is sort of like a Chromecast-ish device that allows you to install variety of apps available on Google Play Store, as well BRAVIA own apps such as the Internet Video Library on it onboard 8GB storage. like most media player, the Smart Stick comes preinstalled with popular entertainment apps like Netflix, Pandora, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, YouTube and more. Continue reading Sony BRAVIA Smart Stick

Kaleidescape Cinema One Movie Server

some wealthy movie buffs can afford to tear down a room and turn it into a home movie theater. suffice to say, many of us won’t be in the financial position to afford that kind of luxury and therefore, taking a notch down from such extravagant living would be going for a system such as this Kaleidescape Cinema One Movie Server movie server. though at $3,995 each we must say this isn’t cheap as well, but when compared to recreating a theater, it is way more affordable. designed as a beautiful centerpiece to your home entertainment system, the Cinema One movie server lets you store and have instant access to up to 100 Blu-ray or 600 DVD-quality titles in the highest audio and video quality possible. Continue reading Kaleidescape Cinema One Movie Server

Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player

so what the heck is a Chromecast? well, the easiest way to understand what this little guy is about is to think of it as Google’s answer to Apple TV and AirPlay. it plugs right into your HDMI port of your HDTV and enables you to wirelessly stream, or in this case “cast” online content from your phone, tablet or laptop to your TV and your device is your remote that will allows you to play and pause, control the volume, and the likes. the Chromecast works with a suite of apps, including Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Music, with more apps to be supported in time to come (Pandora, anyone?). what makes the Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player stands out from the horde of Android streaming media player is (or any streaming media player for that matter) is its ability to multitask, which means you can execute task like firing off emails, surf the web et cetera – all while still enjoying your cast on the TV. Continue reading Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player