All-New Fire TV Cube, eero Mesh WiFi System, 4-In-1 Smart Oven And More Echo Products

In case you haven’t heard, Amazon has revealed a slew of new products last month. Those are in addition to the wearables it has revealed. When we said “a slew of products,” it is really a slew of them.

Anker Unveiled New Nebula Soundbar With Amazon Fire TV Integration For $230

Sound bar, streaming media player, set top box, and more are just cluttering up your TV console, aren’t they? But with the Nebula Soundbar Fire TV Edition you’d be getting rid of at least one of them.

$180 For A Roku Sound Bar Too Expensive? Try The Onn. Roku Instead. It’s $129

For a moment, I thought Roku is already slashing prices of its spanking new Roku Smart Sound and Roku Wireless Subwoofer. Well, it wasn’t. What you see here are onn. Roku Smart Soundbar and onn. Roku Wireless Subwoofer, the more wallet-friendly version of the company’s soundbar and subwoofer, released in collaboration with Walmart.

Roku Introduced New Streaming Player Lineup, Includes New Express And Ultra

Whether you are looking to upgrade your old Roku device, or just looking for more entertainment options, Roku will have you covered with its new streaming player lineup which includes a new Roku Express and a new Roku Ultra, the company’s ultimate streaming player.

Roku Introduces New, Super Affordable 4K Streaming Player

I don’t know if there are many 4K contents out there if you could stream, but if there are (4K contents) to be streamed (that tickles your fancy), you can be sure Roku Premiere Streaming Media Player will have you covered. Announced earlier today (or yesterday, depending on where you are), the Roku Premiere, along …

Pre-order Opens For Atari Modern Day Connected Game Console, Atari VCS

Lo and behold. Atari is finally getting back into the game that it had once rein supreme. Now, please don’t ask why we have missed the announcement last year, but anyways, what matters here is, it is now a reality called Atari VCS. VCS here is, of course, the moniker once associated with the classic …

Xiaomi Mi Box 4K Android TV Set-top Box Lands In The USA, Priced At $69

As much as I hate to admit, I do have a thing for Xiaomi’s products, in spite of its lack of creativity and originality (until of late, that is). And why not? After all, most of its product are functional, sleek and most importantly, very affordable. The Xiaomi Mi Box 4K Android TV Set-top Box …

Here Are Some Drool Worthy Gadgets Made By Google

Today is officially the Made by Google day. Along with the unveiling of the company’s very first smartphone, Pixel, the search giant also announced a bunch of drool worthy gadgets aim to make your life a little more, well, high-tech. The slew of Made by Google gadgets include Google’s official foray in to the world …

Amazon’s New Fire TV Stick And Fire TV With Voice Remote

The future of gadgets, as it seems, would rely mostly on voice control. Perhaps we are getting lazier which makes hand or fingers movement deem too much of an exertion. Perhaps. Whatever the the reason might be, voice command is the future. Apple’s new Apple TV, which was introduced last September, has voice-enabled remote and …

AC Ryan Expands into the U.S., Debuts VEOLO 4K Streaming Player on Amazon

If you adore 4K resolution and want your home entertainment to be future-proof, then you would want a 4K capable streaming media player as part of your 4K home entertainment setup. If so, you will be glad to know that Singapore-based AC Ryan is expanding their presence in the U.S. with the help of Spear …