Grace Digital Bluetooth Integrated Amplifier

give your existing speaker system, be it bookshelf, floor standing, or computer speakers, an instant performance upgrade with the Grace Digital Bluetooth Integrated Amplifier. available in 24-watt (GDI-BTAR122) or 100-watt (GDI-BTAR502) models, the Grace Digital Bluetooth Integrated Amplifier not only amps up your existing system

Plair Wireless Streaming HDMI Dongle

Android devices have been enjoying equal amount of digital contents’ doting as Apple devices, and so why should Android users resigned to watching rich media contents on a small screen? no. you really shouldn’t be and that’s why there is Plair Wireless Streaming HDMI Dongle, a nifty device that will allows you to stream photos

Roku 3 Streaming Media Player

our experience with media streamers is the lethargic user interface, which totally puts us off (that’s politely put). we conclude that this due to 1) snail-powered processor, and 2) heavyweight UI. we might be wrong, but based on our beliefs, we thought the new Roku 3 Streaming Media Player might dispel our presumptions. sporting a faster processor

WD TV Play by Western Digital

with the media player or streamer market running of tricks in their bag, what else could makers offer? lower price point, plus maybe a new, sleek UI and a freshen up box design. the new WD TV Play by Western Digital is one such example. announced recently, the WD TV Play now joins the WD TV family of products and offers a new app-based

Marantz Consolette Wireless Speaker Dock by Feiz Design Studio

when we see a beautiful concept we are both excited and skeptical at the same time. excited for obvious reasons and skeptical cos’ chances are of it appearing in the market ranks pretty high. we just hope the Marantz Consolette Wireless Speaker dock featured here won’t be such a case.

Slingbox 350 & 500 by Sling Media

we are accustom to media player. the little rectangular box that stores and streams your digital movies collections, and sometimes, let you access to a host of online digital contents. but the Slingbox here does it a wee differently: it encodes video signal into SMPTE 421M or VC-1 format for transmission over the Internet, thus allowing you to manage, view your TV’s…

3M Streaming Projector by Roku

big screen TVs. they are such a pain to your wallet, aren’t they? the truth is not everyone can afford one comfortably and plus, they are heavy and cumbersome, and the idea of moving it to anywhere else other than where it is now, is certainly out of question. the solution? the 3M Streaming Projector by Roku, a palm sized projector that throws up to…

Klipsch Image ONE Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth technology is, in our humble opinion, a blessing in our ever cluttered life. i mean, having a bunch of clutter at home is one thing but when you are out and about, getting tangled by cords is an eternal frustration. how many times you got yourself tangled while trying to retrieve something…

Xtreamer Prodigy Silver

until the day that we managed to complete the ‘A Dummy Guide to Turning Discs to Digital Content’, we are content with just spinning them on our Playstation 3 and a standard DVD player. however, if we ever succeed in doing so, then the Xtreamer Prodigy Silver is likely the wireless media player we have on our to-buy list. it is a full HD media player that’s 3D…

Denon Cocoon

despite the rumor of the new iPhone sporting a newly design docking pin, Denon has pushed ahead announcing it’s first sound dock dubbed as Cocoon. though, Denon has little to worry about as the Cocoon is equipped with Apple’s AirPlay which should make it last for years to come, well, at least until Apple decided to axe AirPlay, which is of course, an unlikely scenario…