Ortega Mk. 1C Personal Submarine Is Both A Boat And A Submersible

Seen enough of sky and the ocean surfaces? Well, then it is time to take your adventure beneath the surface. Nope, not underground, tho. Mankind have yet to find a way to safely bored into the ground and besides, there’s really nothing see within the Earth’s crust, so I guess the next logical step is […]

DeepFlight’s New 3-Seat Super Falcon Submarine Targets Tropical Resorts

Most people won’t be able to afford a yacht, much less a leisure submarine, in their lifetime but thanks to the collaboration between personal submarine maker DeepFlight and China-based deep-sea equipment maker and research firm Rainbowfish Ocean Technology, you may be able to ‘fly’ underwater soon when you hit up certain tropical resorts. We said […]

Seawolf VR360 Lets You Capture Underwater Scenery In 360-Degree

Too afraid of the deep blue to explore them? Lucky for those who have a love and hate relationship with the majestic ocean, there’s Google to satisfy your curiosity of what lies beneath the beautiful, blue surface. But that’s not the only way; you can choose to acquire a personal sub to do that if […]

Superyacht Takes A Dive With Migaloo M-Series Private Submersible Yachts

Forget about two-man submarine. If you really want to explore the deep blue sea and marvel at the expansive ocean, Migaloo M-Series Private Submersible Yachts are your best bet. Mind you, we are not talking about some teeny weeny submarines here. We are talking about submarine that’s way larger than an Ohio class sub of […]

Boeing New Autonomous Submarine Can Stay Submerged For Months

Boeing is most notable for commercial and military aircraft, but unbeknownst to some, it also dabbles in watercraft, specifically underwater systems, for over 50 years now. The company’s latest development is a 51-foot Echo Voyager, an unmanned undersea vehicle, that’s design to operate autonomously for months on end. Prior to Echo Voyager, Boeing has two […]

Triton 6600/2 Personal Submarine Can Dive To 6,600 Feet, Cost A Cool $5.5M

Ever wanted to explore the deep underwater world without having to get wet or worry about decompression? Well, now you can – if you have at least $5.5 million to spare. With that amount of money, you can procure the Triton 6600/2 personal submarine which you can take down to 6,600 feet deep, all while […]

U-Boat Worx Launches World’s First 3-person Submarine Capable of Diving to 5,600 Feet

Getting to a depth of 5,600 feet (1,700 meters) is not unachievable, but it is usually done through crammed submersible with limited field of view or unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV). With that in mind, Dutch private submarine builder, U-Worx teamed up with leading scientists to design a compact and cost-effective submarine that will enable researchers […]

Seawolf Will Take Your GoPro 10m Deep into the Ocean to Capture Underwater Footages

GoPro has seen wide applications, but one place it hasn’t quite been to is the deep blue sea. Not surprisingly cos’ not everyone is keen in taking the dive to capture some awesome underwater footages. However, with the TTRobotix TTR-SB Seawolf Submarine for GoPro, the world’s most used action camera can finally reach deep into […]

U.S. Navy’s New Underwater Robot Takes On The Likeness of a Shark and Behaves Like One Too

When you are spying on someone (not that you should, really), the last thing you want is to spook your subject with the obvious. That said, we can see why some military is so keen in developing intelligence-gathering unmanned vehicle in the likeness animals. Ok, may be such biomimicry is not solely for deception; it […]

U-Boat Worx’s New HP Sport Sub 2 is a $1.35M “Subsea Ferrari”

One can hardly consider submarine ‘sporty’, but Dutch submersible maker U-Boat Worx begs to differ. Their newest entrant, the U-Boat Worx HD Sport Sub 2, is a 2-person submersible which the company bills as the “subsea-Ferrari”. Well, it is not going to rocket you to 55 knots in seconds like a Ferrari per se, but […]