This Sleek Tube Is Actually A Survival Kit For Surviving A Natural Disaster

Folks living in peaceful and relatively natural disaster-free regions may not understand what it takes to survive the nature’s wraths, but to Japan, it is a second nature when it comes to dealing with the inevitable unleashed by Mother Nature. In view of this predicament, hardware manufacturer Sugita Ace and design studio Nendo, both Japanese […]

BioLite SolarPanel 5+ Packs 2,200 mAh Battery, Charges Phone In 2 Hours

Portable battery is great, but if you are expecting yourself to be out of the grid for prolong period of time, solar charger is the way to go. However, you are probably not going to go for just any solar charger; you will one that maximizes your charge. Such is what BioLite Solar Panel 5+ […]

This ‘System’ Discretely Turns Pee Into Drinking Water Anytime, Anywhere

So you think Amazon sells some of the weirdest stuff on the Internet? Well, wait till you read about what Etsy seller Ultra Violet Production House has to offer: a concealed urine-to-drinking water conversion kit. UV Production House touts itself as a store that “provides customers with high quality sculpture materials and fabrication guidance for […]

You Won’t Believe How Many Tools The Tactful Pen and Tool Packs

A pen is a pen. It lets you write stuff and occasionally, if the situation calls for it, stabbing a walking dead in the eye. Then again, it can never write again with the zombie’s goo all over. Not with the Tactful (Tactical) Pen & Tool by JP-Tac, though. The Tactful Pen is crafted from […]

TUSK Survival Knife Also Packs Multi-tool For More Survival Options

A knife should not qualify as a survival knife if all it does is to cut. It should be able to do more, like splitting wood when there’s no axe at your disposal, start a fire, chopping and hammering, and maybe even do some wrenching job when situation calls for it. If those are the […]

Bomber Firestarter Paracord Bracelet and Paracord Keychain

A lighter is an essential item when heading into the wild, but in case you are not comfortable with carrying a mini fuel tank around, perhaps the good’ol flint and steel combination may be the way to go. More so, if the said flint and steel comes with a survival paracord braided into a convenient […]

If There’s Only One Tool for Survival, The Lil Trucker Would be it

Most multi-tools should work fine at home or at most job sites, but if you need to do more like, for example, stopping advancing zombies on their tracks, well, look no further than The Lil Trucker. It’s creator calls it the ultimate multi-tool, but it really is the ultimate survival tool. Innovation Factory, the folks […]

Besides Throwing, This Throwing Knife Has 22 Other Functions Built into it

A knife that serves as a multi-tool is not new, but a throwing knife that is also a multi-tool is something squeaky fresh. Dubbed Kniper, this knife is crafted from a single piece of 420 high-carbon stainless steel and packs a serious 22 functions. Apart from the usuals one might expect of a multi-tool like […]

Surviv-All Survival Knife Lets You Cut Cords Without Unsheathing and it Can Start Fire Too

When it comes to surviving the great outdoor, a knife is a must and we are not talking about just any knife; it is has to stand up to the rigor of outdoor usage and also, if possible, takes care of other ‘businesses’ apart from slicing and cutting. The newest to StatGear, the Surviv-All Survival […]

BioLite KettleCharge Charges Your iPad While Boiling Water

up till now, BioLite have serves up some pretty serious energy generating stoves, but with the new BioLite KettleCharge, it addresses the need for clean water, whether it’s indoor or out, while pumping out up to 10W of electrical charges for you mobile gadgets. ok. maybe it does not look quite like the kettle that […]