Since Tortoise Gear’s FireFly EDC Fire Starter came out nearly two years ago, the company realized that some people do actually use the toothpick found on a Swiss Army knife. Seriously, people do use that?

Never mind. In case you do (use the toothpick), the good news is, you can still start a fire with your favorite Swiss Army knife. Tortoise Gear has came up with an alternative and this time, it requires no sacrificing of any tool.

FireAnt Fire Starter for Swiss Army Knife

Meet FireAnt, the purpose designed fire starter that you can carry with a Swiss Army knife. FireAnt is a custom sparking-steel fire starting tool and Helix tinder that integrates seamlessly with the corkscrew tool on Swiss Army knives.

In this way, you can get on with starting a campfire and pick your teeth at the same time. OK, maybe not the same time, but you get the idea.

In the rare chance that you are also a hopeless alcoholic who need to pop bottles of wine out in the wild, well, you can still do that. Just remove FireAnt from the corkscrew which it resides and you are good to go.

FireAnt Fire Starter for Swiss Army Knife

FireAnt is a complete fire starter. There’s no extra thing to bring along. Plus, it is waterproof and can start hundreds of fires (but seriously, practice safe fire starting cos’ you don’t want to be causing a forest fire, do you?).

And oh, did we mention the flouted design is glow-in-the-dark too? Yup. So you can easily locate the FireAnt and your knife easily in low light conditions.

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A few other notables include easy to spark and anti corrosive, and low hardness minimize harm it will do your knife tools.

Want one? You can find FireAnt Fire Starter for Swiss Army Knife by Tortoise Gear on Kickstarter going for $12 for a pack of 3 or more.

The campaign is funded at this point and so, if you back it, all you have to do now is wait for delivery something in June/July 2020.

All images courtesy of Tortoise Gear.

Submitted via TIP US Page.

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