Lucio Energy Point By Studio Natural

out in the field, solar charger seems like a perfect solution for charging your mobile devices, but what about when you are indoor? oh right. we have wall outlets to deal with it. however, Italian creative agency Studio Natural has a better idea and it is called Lucio Energy Point. energy point sounds like a bad…

SlatePro: Desk For Techies

a desk is just a piece of wood and that hasn’t changed for ages, but seriously, it really ought to change. why? so that we can save ourselves from awkward desktop organizers we use in desperation to keep our 21st century lifestyle organized atop of this flat piece of wood and the SlatePro is here to introduce that…

Light Up LED Beer Pong Table

marrying the mesmerizing psychedelic disco funk and the sport of beer pong is this Light Up LED Beer Pong Table (officially, ‘Glowing Infinity Music Party Table’) that is going to change the way you look at beer pong – literally. sporting a non-rust metal construction that is designed to withstand the full on blow of any given parties…

Boeing 777 Wheel Coffee Table

we have seen aircraft parts repurposed into stylish and functional furniture, but a coffee table made using an authentic Boeing 777 wheel got to be the first. little is known about this beauty here, but apparently, it is an one-off item with a price of application (PoA) price tag on it.

Flying Carpet Coffee Table

while we heard someone is the process of working on a real flying carpet, our normally logical mind tell us it ain’t going to happen (it might be rumor, if we might add) and with that in mind, the Flying Carpet Coffee Table seems like the next best option if you can’t stop fantasying about

The Big Rig Pedal Desk

desk-bound job can be quite devastating to one’s health and on top of that, it more than often encourages the expansion of the mid-waist area of our body and needless to say, that’s an eyesore. how do i know? because i have of the said product of a desk-bound job – a pot belly, which is something that i am not particularly proud of.

The Float Table

we wouldn’t say this rather badass table, dubbed The Float Table, is the perfect example of form and functionality, but it will sure make quite a conversational piece for any home or office. the unique feature of The Float Table, which is obviously the floating or levitating effect, is the result of a matrix of magnetized wooden

The Hansen Family x Tivoli Audio Furniture Collection

like most style-conscious geeks, we lament the fact that today’s audio equipment don’t quite fit those off-the-shelf furniture. gone were the days where consoles or furniture were built around your favorite audio equipment, but that’s not what the British audio equipment maker thinks. they want to change that

Minimal Float Wall Desk

something that we take for granted may actually be an eyesore for the ultra-minimalist individuals. if you fall you into that ‘ultra-minimalist’ faction, then we are pretty sure you are one of those who view table legs as a pain in the butt. if so, why not do without the legs completely and go for the Minimal Float Wall Desk instead? the Minimal Float