Will Tesla Powerwall 2 And Solar Roof Become Threats To Utility Providers?

A year after the introduction of electric power suppliers’ worst nightmare, the Powerwall Home Battery, Tesla is at it again, these time doubling electric power suppliers’ nightmare by two fold. Not did it introduced a higher capacity home battery, aptly called Powerwall 2, Tesla also unveiled roof tile-replacing solar panels called, well, Solar Roof. The […]

Tesla Model 3 Unveiled And Priced, Production To Begin In Late 2017

Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors has a grand plan to reduce the choke on our lovely planet. Though it started over a decade ago, Tesla’s vision of sustainable transport is beyond the reach of many. Working on limited resources and capital to do what no automaker dares to do, rolling out its first model, the Roadster, […]

Radio Flyer’s Tesla Model S For Kids Charges Like The Real Thing

Whether you are a Tesla Model S owner or someone who’s yearning for a Tesla ride but don’t have the money, I am sure the Tesla Model S for Kids by Radio Flyer will delight you. I mean, you won’t be able to drive it, but at least your kid will grow up driving daddy’s […]

Tesla Motors’ Electric SUV Launched, Rockets From 0 to 60 in 3.2 Seconds

Sport Utility Vehicle, or SUV is not normally associated with speed, but this one from Tesla Motors, the much anticipated Model X, is about speed, while having the practicality of ferrying up to seven person and loaded with cargo. Thanks its small electric motors, you will cargo space under the hood, in addition the trunk. […]

Tesla’s ‘Solid Metal Snake’ Charger is Real, Automatically Move and Plug Itself to Start Charging

In a way, Tesla Motors is like the Apple of the automotive world. It kind of revolutionized the automotive industry by pushing electric cars into the mainstream market. With the success of electric cars behind it, the ambitious and visionary head honcho, Elon Musk, isn’t about to rest on its laurels and continues to push […]

Sorry to Disappoint, But This Beautiful Concept Electric Bike isn’t From Tesla

Motorcycle lovers and Tesla fans must have gone thru some serious emotional roller coaster over the last few days. First, was the excitement over Tesla Motors’ “first electric motorcycle” known as “Model M” which has gone viral in the past days and second, to know that this purported electric bike is nothing more than a […]

Tesla Powerwall Home Battery is a Solar Panel-friendly Backup Battery for Your Home

You have backup batteries for gadgets and even for desktop computers and other equipment, but what about your home in general? You know, for times when outages hit your locality? This is what the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery is for, well, at least in the basic sense. Just think of it as a big-ass uninterrupted […]

Tesla’s New S P85D Has Two Motors, All-Wheel Drive and 691HP

the electric car the world has been curiously looking forward to has finally unveiled. we are talking about is Tesla’s new S P85D. the ‘D’ there stands for dual-motor, each driving a pair of wheels, effectively making the P85D an all-wheel drive electric performance car. and the numbers? a combined 691 crazy horsepower (221 front, […]

Rinspeed XchangE Autonomous Concept

Rinspeed is no stranger when it comes to outrageous concept cars and so, we are not entirely surprised by another, which will be gracing the prestigious motor show in its home turf next month. based on Tesla Model S, the Rinspeed XchangE Autonomous Concept, as it is called, is a today-looking car that is tech-packed with the intention…