Automakers have been using lifestyle products to instill brand loyalty. Tesla Motors is no different. While most automakers sell automotive accessories, apparels et cetera Tesla does it a little differently.

Tesla Tequila

In addition to the “usual”, the company also sells wall connector, power bank, surfboard and now, even Tequila. While drinking and driving does not go hand-in-hand, this is most certainly not the first time we saw automobile co-branded alcoholic beverages.

And so, yeah, Tesla is selling Tequila too and it’s aptly named Tesla Tequila. Tesla Tequila has 40% ABV/750 ml and it is “an exclusive, premium 100% “de agave tequila añejo” aged in French oak barrels, crafted by Nosotros Tequila.

Tesla Tequila

It is said to have “a dry fruit and light vanilla nose with a balanced cinnamon pepper finish.” But lets face it. If you buy this, it is probably not because it is a kick-ass alcoholic. You probably buy it because, it has Tesla’s name and dope bottle that it comes in: a lightning bolt glass bottle on a metal base in the shape of an inverted Tesla Motors’ logo.

Strangely, I find myself wanting a bottle even I am not a Tesla fanboy. I can’t only imagine its popularity… Speaking of popularity, it appears that it is popular because, it was promptly sold out when it was put up on sale.

Tesla Tequila

In case you are curious, each bottle commands US$250 and delivery for those who bought it will happen in late 2020. Hmmm… long delivery wait time seems synonymous with Tesla, eh? Never mind if you miss it because, Tesla Tequila was only available to select U.S. states.

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Images: Tesla Motors.

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