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Playsam Pad Pen

Playsam Pad Pen
Playsam Pad Pen | US$tba | www.playsam.com

so you let your kids have their way when it comes to tablet but we think you might be doing more harm then good. you see, kids know only gestures these days and because of that they hardly picks up a pen and doodle. in that sense, we think it is bad. for us, we started picking up pens (or pencils) and caused havoc to the furniture as young as a year old and thus, we learnt to hold a pen from a fairly young age but can you say that kids today ever learn to pick up a pen as young or do they simply swipe and touch – even on printed magazines? Continue reading Playsam Pad Pen

Cosmonaut reviewed. verdict: i think styluses are not for me

Cosmonaut Wide-Grip Stylus
(photos: Vince) Cosmonaut Wide-Grip Stylus | US$25.00 | www.studioneat.com

some may argue on what’s there to review about a stylus but I beg to differ. a stylus, if you choose to use it, becomes an extension of your finger, so to speak. hence, it should be comfortable to hold, while still performing its duty faithfully. having been an user of styluses since the Palm Pilot era, naturally i was eager to explore the unusually fat stylus from Studio Neat, dubbed as the Cosmonaut. my first impression of the Cosmonaut was that it stands out from the sea of styluses with its fatter-than-usual design, which is the way I like it – prominently different with a style. on the user experience aspect, it feels totally natural to be holding it as compared to those skinny styluses and its fatness turns out to be a bonus if you have big hands like me. Continue reading Cosmonaut reviewed. verdict: i think styluses are not for me

The Cosmonaut is a cute, fat capacitive touchscreen stylus

The Cosmonaut 544x308px
(credit: screenshot from The Cosmonaut video) The Cosmonaut Wide-Grip Stylus | from US$1.00 | www.kickstarter.com

tired of skinny pen-like stylus? then i bet you’re going to dig this. from the folks who brought you the glif, is this adorable wide-grip stylus dubbed The Cosmonaut. the Cosmonaut is not actually a Russian Astronaut but a simple adorably fat, soft grip stylus that reminiscent of a dry erase marker. according to Dan and Tom, writing or doodling on the tablet is nothing like writing on traditional paper, but it is more akin to writing on the whiteboard. which makes a lot sense as our palm can’t touch the screen – which is precisely what you don’t do on a whiteboard. Continue reading The Cosmonaut is a cute, fat capacitive touchscreen stylus

now you can paint on your iPad the Nomad Paintbrush way

Nomad Paintbrush main 544x311px
(image credit: Nomad Brush) Nomad Paintbrush Stylus | US$24.00 | www.nomadbrush.com

who would have dream that one day we would stop using our fingers to paint on our iPad? well, the dream is no more with Nomad Paintbrush which sport a mix of both conductive and natural fibers at the end of its walnut and carbon shaft. it can be used with apps like Artrage, Brushes, Auryn Ink and Zen Brush but i guess no harm giving the brush a go with other apps. as with all things that resemble the real-world or traditional counterpart – don’t get it mixed up with the real paint-dipping brushes or you will just ruin a perfectly good iPad brush.

the Nomad Paintbrush Stylus retails for $24 and its available on Nomad Brush web store.

images horizontal 544x38px

Nomad Paintbrush image1 680x260px Nomad Paintbrush image2 680x260px Nomad Paintbrush image3 680x260px Nomad Paintbrush image4 680x260px Nomad Paintbrush image5 680x260px

via Gizmodo

old school pencil stylus for touch screen devices

Suck UK Touch-screen Stylus img1 544px
(image credit: Suck UK) Suck UK Touch-screen Stylus | £7.50 | www.suck.uk.com

old-school lover? love stylus? well, just whip out this stylus with electro-conductive rubber in the form of an old-school pencil that you used to scribble or doodles on your classroom desk, i mean notepad while your elementary school teacher was babbling away. i was never a fan of stylus, which is probably why i embrace the capacitive touch screen so much but the touch-screen stylus from Suck UK is too ‘comically’ cute (it’s fat, alright?) to give it a pass. at least, worthy a post. the best part is, it works with both capacitive and resistive touch screens, therefore it will works on iOS and Androids devices, and even credit card swiping machine. i heard someone asking about the eraser… no, the eraser is purely for aesthetic purpose.

just imagine grabbing hold of your bud’s touch screen device and starts scribbling with the touch screen pencil which is going to give him a shock of his life. just make sure you have the correct pencil and not the real pencil, else it will turn into a really unpleasant scenario. don’t say we didn’t warn you. touch-screen stylus retails for £7.50 and it’s available via Suck UK online store.

oStylus – stylus for touchscreen with a ring

oStylus 544px
oStylus Capacitive Touchscreen Stylus | US$37.50 | ostylus.com

we brought attention to the stylish stylus, the Just Mobile AluPen last week. here’s any stylish yet odd-looking stylus from oStylus. unlike traditional stylus, the oStylus has a ring tip instead of your normal rubber head.

so what’s with the ring tip? here’s the logic: our finger, or any other stylus out in the market, tends to block the screen. with the ring tip, it allows you to see the lines and colors that you are drawing. through the ring, of course. as an avid doodler on iPad, i fully comprehend the logic. especially when i was trying to draw fine lines.

the ring is hinged, so it swivels ensure flat contact at any angle. to be honest, when i first saw this product. i was like ‘metal for a stylus tip? that can’t be right’ but my worry was put to rest when i realized that there’s a vinyl at the bottom of the ring. if you ask me, i’d think i will be putting my touchscreen at risk for putting a metal that near to it.

good things don’t come cheap these days – or any other day. the oStylus retails at US$37.50. well, considerably cheap if you compared to it’s original version which is cost US$70. wow. the original version is available upon request.

oStylus 544px
(image source: ostylus.com)


Just Mobile AluPen & Upstand for iPad – designer-style accessories for iPad

Just Mobile AluPen 544px
(photo source: xtand.net)
can’t enough of aluminum products? Just Mobile, a Taiwan-based company has a range of product to satisfy your need for aluminum-based products. we have seen quite a number of stylus around in market now, how about a aluminum item styled in the shape of a pencil? sounds cool? then AluPen is for you (and me too!).

AluPen is a chunky pencil-shaped stylus, sculpted from aluminum, with a soft rubber nib. if you like doodling on your iPad. this will be the stylus to doodle in style. seriously, it does look cool. doesn’t it? no iPad? no worries. it will work with any capacitive touch screens. but if you’re looking to use with your iPhone or iPad, it will work with all iPhone/iPad apps. that’s the kind of assurance that all consumers need. the AluPen measures 12cm x 1.3cm x 1.2 cm – pretty chunky indeed. the AluPen retails for US$24.95.

Just Mobile UpStand for iPad 544px
(photo source: xtand.net)
from the product photo above, you might mistaken it for a new Apple desktop. well, it isn’t. it’s another sleek product from Just Mobile, the UpStand for iPad. needless to say, it is made out of aluminum with radial finish. add in a bluetooth keyboard and you have a instant boot-up desktop.

i don’t need to tell you what you can do with your iPad propped up on the UpStand. do i? never mind… here are some possibilities: you can make as a digital picture frame, watch movies et cetera and with the appropriate apps, you can read your receipt book off the iPad while you mess around trying to make a nice Italian meal, or use it as a giant alarm clock. throw in a bluetooth keyboard (not included), you can surf the net, jot down ideas for your next novel et cetera. pretty neat.

the UpStand retails for US$49.95. *note iPad and bluetooth keyboard not included.

Just Mobile UpStand for iPad 544px
(photo source: xtand.net)