Tsuburaya Productions Is Selling Limited Edition Suit-size Ultraman Busts

Tsuburaya Productions created a series of busts based on the popular Ultraman series for Tsuburaya Convention held in December 2019. Fast forward a few months later, fans of Ultraman has the opportunity to bring home the said busts, officially called Ultraman Archives Classic Arts Suit Size Bust.

Ultraman VR Adventure Wants You To “Research” Giant Kaiju, Not Fight It

Science Patrol is the fictional organization in the Ultraman series that defends Earth from invading aliens and giant monsters. If there’s an Ultraman-themed VR thrill ride, you’d expect riders to be part of Science Patrol, experiencing the Ultraman vs. giant kaiju first hand and in unreal close proximity.

threezero 1/6 Scale ULTRAMAN Suit: NOT Japanese’s Iron Man.

threezero has unveiled the first look of the pre-production 1/6 Scale ULTRAMAN Suit. For those who have not been keeping abreast with ULTRAMAN, which is more famously remembered as the rubber-suited, giant kaiju’s ass kicker, the ULTRAMAN Suit is straight from the manga series introduced in 2011 as a sequel to the 1966 ULTRAMAN TV …