Tsuburaya Productions has revealed a new line of Ultraman face masks. Yes. Again. Unlike the previous Ultraman-themed masks we have seen earlier, this collection is a lot less abstract.

Officially Licensed Ultraman Face Masks in Japan

Two models will be offered: a 5-layer activated carbon “high-performance” model and a “breathable” model. The former is refer to as “Type 2” while the latter, “Type 1”. Each model will be offered in three Ultraman designs.

Type 1 comes in 3 colors with the silhouette of the giant superhero’s head across all three colors. The mask is said to breathable, has a “silky feel”, and washable. The print is said to be able to resist fading through washing, sweat and whatnot for 5 times. This particular model has received quality inspection certification by Nissenken Quality Evaluation Center.

Meanwhile, Type 2 has three artworks to choose from. It has a total of 5 layers and features activated carbon fiber good for down to PM2.5. It is a fabric mask, btw. The inside is of antibacterial material and antibacterial gauze. Rounding up the design are soft flat elastic ear loops. Type 2 has SGS Quality Evaluation certification.

Officially Licensed Ultraman Face Masks will hit the market in October. At the time of this post, Rakuten is taking pre-order for the mask. If anyone’s interested, Type 1 retails for 890 yen plus tax while Type 2 sells for 1,500 yen plus tax (approx. US$8.40 and US$14, respectively).

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Images: Tsuburaya Productions.

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