That was fast. I am talking about the celebratory collaboration kicks from Puma, the Puma RS-Dreamer Super Mario 64 Basketball Shoes. It went live online on September 4 and by the time we check it, it was already gone. Granted, it may have been a few days, but that is still pretty quick.

Puma RS-Dreamer Super Mario 64 Basketball Shoes

While it maybe a pair of basketball shoes, it probably won’t grant you Super Jump anyways. We love the design, though.

4 sizes were offered: Toddler, Little Kids’, JR, and Adult. Featuring Puma Hoops tech including ProFoam and high-abrasion rubber, this special collab kicks is dressed in Super Mario 64 design, straight out of the game cartridge.

Puma RS-Dreamer Super Mario 64 Basketball Shoes

Love the star on the heels and the Super Mario branding on the tongues. If I can be honest, the colorway “Flame Scarlet” and “Electric Blue” that reference to Mario’s outfit isn’t as strong of a visual cue that it is Mario-themed. The star on the heel could be anything unless you take a closer look to notice a pair of eyes.

However, on the inside, it is a different story. The insole practically has Super Mario 64 print on it. That said, it may be a pair kicks that I won’t bear to put on court, let alone the streets. But all that is water under the bridge as it is listed as sold out.

If you are interested in learning more, you can still find them on Puma US website HERE. I don’t recall it did say it was limited edition…

Puma RS-Dreamer Super Mario 64 Basketball Shoes
Puma RS-Dreamer Super Mario 64 Basketball Shoes

Images: Puma.

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