HTC Vive Pro VR Headset Is Now Open Pre-order, Priced At $799

I wonder how much VR headset is reaping in for companies who make them. I mean, unlike gadgets like say, headphones, you know the market is out there, but a VR headset seems more like a luxury than necessity. What I am trying say, the traction isn’t there compared to staple gadgets. Anyways, it appears […]

NatGeo Made Space Projection Helmets To Promote New TV Docu

When it comes creating compelling documentaries, National Geographic, AKA NatGeo, is known to not spare expenses and the upcoming feature documentary, One Strange Rock, narrated by actor/rapper Will Smith, is no exception. The yellow border media company has collaborated with New York City-based Tomorrow Lab and McCann to develop “Space Projection Helmets” that would enable […]

Yaw VR Is A Fully Functional VR Motion Simulator That Costs Just $890

If you are into VR gaming, especially VR games that involve driving or flying, well, this is the VR motion simulator you want in your life: Yaw VR Compact Portable Motion Simulator. Before you shy away and making excuses saying that you don’t have tens of thousands, or the space to accommodate one, you have […]

ICAROS Is A Simulator That Combines Fitness With Gaming Via Virtual Reality

Until Wii came along, the idea of video gaming is akin to gluttony. Except in gaming, you don’t devour food, well, maybe not as much. Certainly, you won’t be jamming your guts with food beyond its capacity. In other words, you get no exercise, except for your fingers and that obviously, is very unhealthy and […]

LUCI To Showcase immers “Immersion-on-Demand” VR With 3,000+ PPI At CES

Up to this point, we have accepted that virtual reality equals to a block of gadget slapped across our eyes, but really, that need not be the case, not if LUCI can help it. Introducing the LUCI immers Immersion-on-Demand VR Headset. OK. Maybe it does not look like one (a headset). It is more like […]

TwoEyes VR Camera Replicates What Humans See With Two Pairs Of Lenses

There is no lack of VR video camera, but to date, the so-called VR video, which rightfully should allow you to view in immersive 360-degree, is recorded with a camera with either a single lens or duo lenses camera. There’s really nothing wrong with it, really, however, a South Korean startup believe it shouldn’t be […]

USJ’s Upcoming Final Fantasy-themed Roller Coaster Will Be A VR Fantasy

Fans of Final Fantasy franchise will have their fantasy come true starting January 19 when Universal Studios Japan’s new ride called Final Fantasy XR Ride opens for business. It won’t be in business for long, however. It will be a limited time ride introduced as part of Universal Studios Japan’s annual Cool Japan event. Now, […]

Magic Leap One Mixed Reality Goggles Is Set To Available Sometime In 2018

After years in the making, the much anticipated mixed reality device, Magic Leap One, is finally going to be available soon – in 2018, but only to developers first. I guess at least it is a start. The setup include a somewhat steampunk-ish goggles (the headset), a controller called, well, ‘control’, and a small, waist-worn […]

A Startup Wants To Add Real Wind Into Your Virtual Reality Experience

Since the realization of virtual reality headset, the pursuit for even more immersion never cease. Companies and individuals each have their own take of immersion which results in VR backpack PC, realistic VR rifle, treadmill-like contraption to simulate walking, and even vest that lets you feel the shots when you are unfortunately enough to be […]

Oculus Go VR Headset Is Standalone, Needs No PC Or Smartphone To VR

This is it. Finally, VR experience will be truly tether- and interruption-free, and affordable – all at the same time come 2018 when the newly-announced $199 Oculus Go becomes available. With Go, you need no PC nor smartphone to immerse yourself in over 1,000 VR games, social apps, 360 experiences and more. It is about […]