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Gerber x Bear Grylls Canteen

if there’s anything that we learnt from Bear Grylls is we are having a too comfortable life and we thank him (or should it be Discovery?) for showing us the ropes for survival, albeit some methods being rather overly gross. hence, we welcome any product that have Grylls nod of approval and even more so if it bears his name (a name that’s synonymous with survival) on them, such as this awesome Gerber Bear Grylls Canteen. inspired by classic military canteen, this BG iteration features a nesting cup just like its military counterpart but in a more stylish copper tone colorway Continue reading Gerber x Bear Grylls Canteen

take a sip while cycling without taking your eyes off the road

VelEau 544x418px
(credit: Showers Pass) VelEau Hydration System for Cyclist | US$79.99 | www.showerspass.com

cycling is an excellent way to keep fit but while long cycling trip is enjoyable, you will need to keep yourself hydrated to make up for the of fluid lost through perspirations. bottle cage and hydration pack are two common ways of keeping water handy while cycling. the problem is, reaching out for the bottle down below could be a dangerous affair, well, at least that’s what Showers Pass think so and apparently, due to such scenario, “races have been lost and riders have been injured by jettisoned water bottles.” so why not hydration pack? well, it adds weight on the rider and not to mention it is restrictive and unnecessarily warms the carrier’s back. Continue reading take a sip while cycling without taking your eyes off the road

Sippy Sure is the world’s first medicine dispensing cup

Sippy Sure main 544x448px
(image credit: Sippy Sure) Sippy Sure – The Medicine Dispensing Sippy Cup | US$8.99 | www.sippysure.com

i would imagine one of the most stressful thing about caring for a child is feeding him or her medicine when required (aside from the endless food fight engaged daily). i don’t have a child of my own to quantify this but judging from my sister’s experience with her daughter, i would think an invention like Sippy Sure would definitely helps to ease the process of giving medicine to the children. made out of high impact FDA food grade plastic, Sippy Sure is BPA free and dishwasher safe too. Continue reading Sippy Sure is the world’s first medicine dispensing cup

Alex is a stackable and modular dishwasher safe water bottle

Nice Reuseables Alex Water Bottle img1 544px
Alex Water Bottle | from US$25.95 | www.alexbottle.com

seriously, i didn’t think i would be writing about bottles. but it’s hard to give Alex Water Bottle a miss. Alex isn’t your ordinary bottle-next-door. its body can be separated (in the middle) to allow thorough cleaning of the bottle’s interior, ensuring every bit of grimes and bacterias be rid off. yea. that’s right. those who actually clean their bottles would understand how important this feature is.

another highlight of Alex is how its able to customize to your different need. need a bigger bottle? just swap out the bottom for a longer one and you have a bigger bottle. purchase a few Alex in different colors (currently, three colors are available) and you can even mix match Alex’s bodily parts to customize to your mood. white cap, stainless upper body and black lower body with pink band? done. grey cap, white upper body and black lower half with yellow band? done!

a little more about Alex. Alex is generally made of BPA free premium 304 stainless steel and coated with eco-friendly power paint (except for the Naked series – which is naked, of course. now guys, don’t get all too excited…). Alex comes equipped with Clean Seam Technology (CST) for sealing the water in. both caps and CST are of BPA free polypropylene and the strap are made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles.

you know what? life just gets a little brighter with Alex and starting from $25.95 a pop, it doesn’t sound a bit ridiculous to have a piece of Alex. i am totally sold by the idea of breaking Alex up to clean its interior. at this point if you are still confused… Alex is a water bottle not a person. i just thought you should know.

footnote: ALEX is an acronym for “Always Live Extraordinarily”

Nice Reuseables Alex Water Bottle - opens up to wash 544px
Nice Reuseables Alex Water Bottle - compactable for storage 544px
Nice Reuseables Alex Water Bottle - mix & match 544px

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