Samsung GALAXY Gear Smartwatch

handsets don’t seem to stop growing in size, which gives us enough reason to own a smartwatch so that we don’t have to pull out our giant every single time to check on notifications, or even make a call. speaking of smartwatch – we are spoilt for choice, however, if you are Samsung GALAXY device user, you might want to give this uber sleek Samsung GALAXY Gear Smartwatch a thought.

HOT Smartwatch

when mega size handsets first came on to the market, most people find holding them to their years as amusing as it is odd. soon, holding your hand to your ear to take calls might meet with the same odd look too. no, we are not referring to some Leslie Nielsen’s flick when we said you can answer your mobile phone call with your bare hand.

Hoop Tracker Basketball Smartwatch

another smartwatch? yes. it is, but the Hoop Tracker Basketball Smartwatch plays it smart in another way. it is the world’s first basketball watch designed to track your basketball performance and it has nothing to with the norm of a smartwatch. so, there will be no text messages, no caller IDs and what not, and best of all, it won’t be needing your smartphone to do the job.

Hyetis Crossbow Smartwatch

smartwatch is a rage these days, but as we have noted, digital watch is not everyone’s cup of English Breakfast. COOKOO may have that covered, but luxury it is not. so if you are a high flying, Scrooge McDuckian who expect a touch of luxe in your smart timepiece, the Swiss-made Hyetis Crossbow Smartwatch will have

META SpaceGlasses Augmented Reality Glasses

step aside Minority Report – before gesture really gets into the hands of millions (save for Samsung gesture-capable HDTV), we are already seeing the possibility of a la-Tony Stark augmented reality system that any average joe can acquire and that system is none other than the META SpaceGlasses, a pair of advanced

COOKOO Analog Smartwatch

when it comes to watch, not everyone is impressed by digital watch, which means this category of folks would be missing out on all the smartwatch rage (no. digital analog clock face doesn’t count). this is where the COOKOO Analog Smartwatch aims to fill the void. as the product name suggests, the COOKOO Analog Smartwatch brings together

TomTom GPS Sport Watches

Dutch company TomTom is no stranger to GPS business, but its latest offerings are a pair of GPS Sport Watches that are anything but navigation related. instead, the company leverages on its expertise in the GPS technology and put them into these sport watches to help athletes and runners keep track of their performances. the two models, the TomTom Runner

Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch

if Captain Kirk had heard of the Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch, then he probably would be ashamed that he still has to hold a device in his hand to communicate with his crew when the Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch does it right off the wrist. of course, the Kreyos Meteor isn’t the first smartwatch in the market to do that, but it is certainly the first waterproof

EmoPulse SMILE Smartphone Bracelet

want to know the future of wrist watch? if the EmoPulse SMILE Smartphone Bracelet is any indication at all, that would be the direction the technology might be heading. if we were to call the SMILE a smartwatch, it would be an unfair statement, because conceptually, it is