I recall there was one scene in one of Leslie Nielsen’s movies where he touches his ear to communicate. He explained that it was a chip implant that enables this sci-fi communication. Nobody took it seriously. Not surprisingly, it was, after all, a comedy. For me, a future buff, I was intrigued and that futuristic concept has deeply etched in my mind. Fast forward today, we are about to get such technology. But this technology, simply called Sgnl by South Korea outfit Innomdle Lab, stop short of being that futuristic. There’s no chip implant involved; instead, it comes in a form of a smart wrist band that’s designed to worked with your smartphone and your wrist watch.

Sgnl Wearable Smart Wrist Strap
Doing it like a secret agent…

It doesn’t matter if you wrist wear is smart or not. It just replaces your timepiece’s wrist band (or worn as a standalone band) and pairs with your smartphone to enable this out-of-the-world high-tech communication. Using a patented Body Conduction Unit, Sgnl transmits vibration through your body which is then converted into sound. This means, with Sgnl on your wrist and paired to your smartphone, a simple act of pressing your index finger on your ear lets you answer the calls. The logic behind Sgnl is essentially bone conduction and therefore, it should offers clear communication even in the noisiest of place. A built-in microphone completes the two-way communication setup. And for privacy obsessed, you’d be glad that only you can hear whatever that’s coming out from the end.

Sgnl Wearable Smart Wrist Strap
It works as an activity tracker too

In addition to realizing this sci-fi fantasy of communication, Sgnl Wearable Smart Wrist Strap can also be set to remind you to keep in touch with people you care about, alert you of incoming calls, texts and whatnot, and track your daily activity. The wrist band is powered by a built in battery that provides up to 7 days of standby and 4 hours of talk time per an hour charge and it is IP56-rated that seals it against dust and “powerful water jets.” It will fit Samsung Gear, Apple Watch, Pebble or similar, as well as regular watch with 18-24 mm lug. A dummy band is included to bridge the gap between the lugs so you can wear without a timepiece if so desired.

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Naturally, we are as intrigued as we are excited about this tech like the 6,000 plus strong backers who have contributed over a million in funding to this future tech. Speaking of which, you too can join in the fun by pre-ordering Sgnl for $139 on Kickstarter, but the catch 22 here is, it will only be delivered in February 2017. Scroll for the product pitch video to learn more.

Sgnl Wearable Smart Wrist Strap
It replaces your wrist watch or smartwatch stock wrist strap
Sgnl Wearable Smart Wrist Strap
It becomes part of your wrist wear, adding functionality without extra things to carry
Sgnl Wearable Smart Wrist Strap
Fits most popular smartwatches like Samsung Gear, Apple Watch and Pebble
Sgnl Wearable Smart Wrist Strap
It can be use as a standalone band too – just slip on the included dummy band in between

Images courtesy of Innomdle Lab.

A special shout out to Kyle for sending us this awesome hat tip.

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