communication between loves one in today’s context is non-issue at all. as it is, we have more than enough mode of communication such as phone calls, emails, text messages, and for those who need to see and hear each other, there is always video calls. simple. despite that, there’s still a missing link and that’s the tactile feel of your love one calling out to you. that is the void that the TapTap Wristband aims to fill. so what exactly is TapTap? well, it is essentially a wristband designed to let two loves stay in touch wherever the two might be. each one of the two person will wear one of the TapTap and whenever one thinks of the other, he or she simply taps the wristband and it will instantaneously transmits that tap to the paired wristband, which will response with a vibration, no matter where the other person is located.

for now, this is just what the TapTap can do, but on a larger perspective, this wearable tech loaded with accelerometer, gyroscope, as well as magnetometer, can be further developed into an activity tracker, serves as smart alarms, and opens up to gesture controls for gaming applications. at the time of this writing, apps like RunKeeper are already supported by TapTap out-of-the-box. of course, the TapTap Wristband doesn’t work miraculously, they will need to be paired via Bluetooth to your smartphone with the dedicated app installed. from then on, you are all set to ‘feel’ your love one even if they are halfway round the world. an open SDK is available for developers to further exploits the wristband potential and so, if there are enough interests, you might be seeing more apps written to function with the TapTap in near future.

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TapTap Wristband is a recently launched Kickstarter campaign that aims to raise $130K for the mass production. it is set to retail for 130 bucks a pair, but for now, early adopter can back for a pair at just $90 – but you better hurry cos’ only 74 sets are left with this special price tag.

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