Tauro Flashlight No. 1

Tauro Flashlight No. 1
Tauro Flashlight No. 1 | US$90.00 | tauroleather.bigcartel.com

as far back as the late 1800s, flashlight’s design has been largely cylindrical in shape and that design hasn’t changed much since, albeit modern day equivalents are more industrial-looking with aluminum or even titanium construction and uses more powerful LED elements. and hence, as sophisticated or how ever expensive they are, these lights-in-tube are pretty much still the flashlights you already knew. not unless you have one this cool looking Flashlight No. 01 (and yes, that is the product’s name). taking off a page from the history and resembling the portable railway lamp of the 50s (or was it 60s?), each of this flashlight is made from reclaimed wood from local dismantled homes, hand burnished using organic beeswax and comes complete with leather and brass details. it may not look decidedly like a flashlight, which is the beauty of it and it looks more like a hand-me-down vintage turn interior decor piece, but it will prove its worth the next time you are hit by a blackout. all you need to do is to remember two things: first, remind yourself that the Flashlight No. 01 is actually a functional light and two, make sure you have stocked enough fresh batteries. though pretty and downright unique, the Flashlight No. 01 ain’t exactly cheap. expect to empty out 90 bucks out from your wallet to own one of these and each piece is made to order by skilled craftsperson, so expect up to six weeks before it starts making its way to your doorstep.

Tauro via Gizmodo

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