TDK Portable Speaker – clamshell form factor speaker

TDK Portable Speaker 544x388px
(credit: TDK) TDK SP-XA3602WH Portable Speaker | ¥4,979.00 |

if you belong to those group that cannot live a moment without blasting the music library on your iPhone or iPod, then portable speaker is the way to go and since its on-the-go, you would need something that can be stowed away easily like this TDK Portable Speaker (SP-XA3602WH). we hardly use the term ‘form factor’ but i guess you can refer it to as clamshell form factor for its ability to fold into a compact, pocketable gadget when not in use – 224 x 86 x 46-mm, to be precise. when it opens up, it reveals a pair of 3-watts driver hidden behind a classy, shiny grille on one panel and on the other, are the control hard buttons, volume dial, power on/off button and of course, the throne for your iDevice with the familiar 30-pin connector. though, a 3.5-mm line-in audio jack is readily available just in case iDevice is not your media player of choice. the speaker runs off four AAA batteries or if AC wall outlet is available, it can use that too. the TDK SP-XA3602WH Portable Speaker retails for ¥4,979 (about US$64) a pop. nothing spectacular but at least it lets you have your fix for blasting your favorite tunes wherever and whenever.
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TDK Portable Speaker 544x368px
TDK Portable Speaker [JP] via Acquire

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