Team Fordzilla P1 Concept Race Car

Well, that was quick. After revealing the Team Fordzilla P1 Concept Race Car back in August 2020, the first-ever gamer-collaborated virtual car has been turned into a real car in December 2020.

Team Fordzilla P1 Concept Race Car

The Team Fordzilla P1 Concept Race Car is the first gamer-collaborated car to become a physical model. The car’s exterior and interior are penned by Ford designers Arturo Ariño and Robert Engelmann with designs voted by gamers.

The race car is built around the monocoque structure partially covered by a large, hyper-transparent jet fighter-style canopy that protects the driver and co-driver. Ford said, the transparent canopy serves not only serve to blur the boundaries between the inside and the outside, but also emphasized the car the F1-like driving position.

Team Fordzilla P1 Concept Race Car

The exterior further features a GT-like front end with sculpted front fenders, sculpted body side panels, exposed rear end while the interior gets LED notification units and an integrated screen on the steering wheel.

Because of the pandemic, the Team Fordzilla P1 is also the first-ever Ford car to be built digitally without any face-to-face interaction and it was translated from CAD to reality in just seven weeks.

The car measures 4,731 mm long, 2,000 mm wide and 895 mm tall, and rolls on 315 x 30 x R21 (front) and 355 x 25 x R21 (rear) tires.

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No further technical details were offered. It makes sense that it does not have technical specifications because, it is a just a physical model. Not quite a real car that can be driven. More details can be found HERE.

Images: Ford of Britain.