Team Fordzilla P1 Concept Virtual Race Car

In the real world, automobile designers are limited by practicality and technology. Meanwhile in the virtual world, car designers have no such bounds and the result is Team Fordzilla P1 Concept Virtual Race Car, a digital supercar designed in collaboration between Ford and its Team Fordzilla esports team.

Team Fordzilla P1 Concept Virtual Race Car

It is likely only to exist in racing car games. Yes. ‘Likely’ because, unlike those digital cars we have seen designed for Gran Turismo, Team Fordzilla P1 Concept has yet to find a place in the digital realm. But I think it will happen as Ford has hinted that it is in the process of discussions with major games developer to put it on the virtual tracks of popular racing games in 2021.

Ford will also be making a real-life scale model by the end of this year. This virtual supercar was a winning design by Ford exterior designer Arturo Ariño. Ariño surely did not hold back when it comes to wild tech.

Team Fordzilla P1 Concept Virtual Race Car

Wild tech like morphing technology on the body that can morph into long tail racer for stability on high-speed straights and into a shorter body to handle tight circuits like those in Monaco. I know right. It’s insane and so is the exterior design. Absolutely bonkers. Well, in a good way.

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Here, have a look at this futuristic beast in “action” in the full reveal video below.

Images: Ford of Britain.