teaser for Marshall Headphones The Minor released

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Marshall Headphones The Minor | US$tbc | www.marshallheadphones.com

last week, we introduced the yet-to-be release Marshall Headphones dudded The Major (probably) and today, Marshall Headphones released yet another teaser – The Minor and it looks like The Minor ain’t going to be a set of cans, instead, The Minor are, in fact, earphones. accordingly to Marshall, The Minor is set to be “an advanced and hardworking earphone model” and the design would “mimic a tele plug and the classic knobs of Marshall amps.” how’s that going to be, we will gotta wait till November 15th to find out. nothing was revealed except for a small carton box dangled on one end by a hand.
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other features include unique EarClick patent, cable clip and anti-tangle fabric cord. it would come with vary-sizes ear pad to fit all ears and also, a microphone with remote control (inline, i supposed) for mobile phones and music players. we noted that fabric cord is fast becoming a standard for earphones/headphones’ cord. as reported earlier today, FREND’s The Classic headphones will also features tangle-free fabric cord. finally, the industry is hearing our tangled woes.

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