As the dust settles on The Boring Company’s rather prolific product, a flamethrower, Elon Musk lets the world in on the real mission of his latest startup, or should we say, a readjustment of the company’s priorities. Announced via Twitter, the serial tech entrepreneur who has been increasingly obsessed with mass transportation said that The Boring Company will be “prioritizing the construction of a dedicated transport system for cyclists and pedestrians.”

So, I guess the Tesla on speeding platforms will be shelved for now, but I guess making networks of underground tunnels is still the basis of the company’s existence because, Musk mentioned a new form of mass transportation system which he dubbed Urban Loop System. The idea of Urban Loop System is to create a nimble, space-thrifty mass transportation system that will be inserted in city centers to take commuters on short commutes.

It will still based around a network of underground tunnels identical to that of the futuristic tunnels, but instead of the vehicle going onto platforms that will transport it through the tunnels at speeds, Urban Loop System’s self-driving bus itself is the platform and it will not even travel on regular surface streets as evident in the short concept video posted by Musk. In other words, Urban Loop System is essentially a subway, except that it is obviously smaller in passenger capacity, travels exclusively underground, and more importantly, it takes up very little space.

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In fact, official words has it that each station will be the size of a single parking space. And since each station consume little space, there can be thousands of Urban Loop System stations as opposed to a small number of space devouring subway stations. As with the initial proposition, the entire bus will be lowered down below ground and zips along the network of tunnels at speeds of up to 150 miles an hour (about 240 km/h).

We do not know when this idealistic mass transportation system of the future will realize, but one thing for sure is, there will be roadblocks that The Boring Company has to overcome and that’s not to mention financial consideration for project of such ambition and magnitude.


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