Anyone who has ever felt frustrated with a desk tamp when it comes flexibility in adjustability will want to take a look at The Flexster. Table lamp is a dime a dozen, but what’s not a dime a dozen is flexibility in adjustability.

A unique neck mechanism affords it with an unprecedented adjustability of the lamp head – or 360-degree, to be exact. In other words, the lamp head of The Flexster can be adjusted to just about any angle or direction you fancy.

The Flexster Flexible Lamp Pro

Beyond that, it is also app-connected, allowing mobile device to control the like, or if you like, it also works with Google Home, Amazon Alexa or Google Nest, so you can use voice to turn on/off the lamp.

Other notables include, LED light source with guaranteed 25,000 hours of life, 36 nominal beam angle, anti-slide rubber pads, and metal head and body that is anti-scratch.

The Flexster Flexible Lamp Pro

We love the aesthetic which is minimalistic and extrudes an unmistakable sense of industrial vibe. We also dig the fact that the simple look hides the modern and high-tech nature of the lamp.

If you are enamored, you may want to consider pre-ordering this little fellow from Kickstarter by backing for a product. But not going to lie. It is not cheap. Early birds get to secure a unit for 90 euros (or about $98), of if that runs out (which it will soon), it will cost you 100 euros or about $109 a pop.

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A huge shout out to Maria of MilanMadDesign for reaching out to us.

All images courtesy of MilanMadDesign.

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