Kids, being a restless bunch, won’t do well during quarantine. You have to constantly keep them occupied. If you have run out of ideas how to keep your restless love occupied, IKEA Russia may have some ideas.

The Swedish flat pack furniture giant in Russia has a quarantine campaign that offers 6 ways to make furniture forts to keep kids occupied during quarantine using everyday items like blankets, chairs, stools et cetera.

The campaign consists of a series of IKEA instructions on how to make tents and forts inside a home. The instructions are presented in the familiar IKEA minimal, pictures-only format.

Along with each set of instructions is the mandatory warning and disclaimers.

All together there are six fun indoor fortress your kids or you and your kids can build, and from the looks of it, it should be easier than assembling any IKEA furniture. Though it is worthy to note that your mileage may varies.

Images: IKEA Russia [RU].

Source: ADWEEK.

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