The National Broadband Network (NBN) was one of the biggest projects in history. It was finally completed in late 2020. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) states that it was a government initiative that upgraded the old broadband infrastructure to give consumers faster speed and more reliable service. It replaced all the old copper cable, that was at the end of its life, with fiberoptic lines and satellite access for the more remote areas.

Today’s world is full of technology, and for the most part, the world runs off it. Smart devices that rely on fast internet have taken over stores and homes. Businesses as well rely on the most advanced technology to stay ahead of the markets and consumers. Hospitals depend on these devices and machines to help save lives.

Landline phones are a thing of the past because of cellphones and other mobile devices. This gives the user the ability to make, or receive, a call anywhere that they happen to be. Unlike the old days when people had to sit around the house by the phone when waiting for an important call. The flexibility and freedom that mobile devices give allow the people of the world capabilities that were unheard of a couple of decades ago.

Online video meetings for business applications, which is one of the internet plans that can be subscribed to, have decreased the amount of money that companies were spending on travel expenses. To attend a meeting at the main office all that must be done now is to turn on the computer, or handheld device, and follow a link to the meeting room. This is so important in the business world because communication is one of the keys to success. Being able to discuss business matters from anywhere, at all hours of the day and night, saves money and time. As everyone knows, time is money.

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The healthcare applications that can be used could easily pay for the expense of the NBN upgrade within a very short time. People that are elderly, or that live in rural areas, may not have the ability to get to doctor appointments. Online video chatting can be used in these cases to cover the appointment. When looking inside the hospital many of the advanced machines need a fast, reliable connection to run properly.

Files are saved online and any doctor that needs to review a patient can access the information. This is extremely helpful when visiting an emergency room away from home. Patients in rooms can be remotely monitored, as can the machines that they are hooked up to. Overall, hospital advances save money on their expenses, which in turn helps the economy by needing fewer funds to save more lives.

The benefits that the NBN has on the educational system are big. People in rural areas can attend online classes, as can sections of the population that are not able to travel. College classes can be remotely attended to get degrees or certificates. Even colleges out of the country are accessible to enroll in.

The importance of the NBN is huge upon society of today. It allows the country to join the technological age of the world. Businesses and consumers can now connect with other people from any area. Advanced machinery and computer applications will continue to move forward in the future, and it is all dependent on good communication infrastructure.

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