how much do you trust digital compass? for us, we are always dubious about its accuracy. so if you are on the same page as us, then we supposed a traditional compass is the way to go for you and speaking of which, this rugged directional pointer, dubbed The Lensatic Cruiser Compass by Best Made Company, might be worthy of your consideration. the lensatic compass was originally conceived for specialist users such as explorers, speleologists (caves experts), archaeologists, military personnel and more notably foresters who used it to ‘cruised’ (hence, the name) the timberlands to execute surveying works. the built-in lensatic sight allows you to take the exact bearing from the compass simply by aligning the sight with your target direction (trust us, this is the best thing ever happened to a compass since well, sliced bread). other highlights include robust die-cast zinc body, fluid-filled dampened, integrated clinometer (for measuring slope) and bubble level, luminescent bezel and north points, flip-up sighting prism and thumb holder ring, a metal bezel with 0-360° azimuth scale with 5° resolution, inch and mm scales, 1/4″ threaded tripod mount and it comes with a matching cordura carry case complete with belt loop, ready for your next adventure. The Lensatic Cruiser Compass by Best Made Company can be yours for $168 a pop.

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