the Log Chop Bench is literally carved out of a real log

The Log Chop Bench 544x328px
(credit: David Long & Antoine Morris)

the idea is simple and unconventional at the same time: take a piece of natural piece of log (a huge one, that is) from a dead tree and had a professional Lumberjill carve out seats with brute strength and surgical precision. the resulting crude seats are then mediated by fine, hand-sewn upholstery by a motorcycle saddle maker. all these were done without any drawings, much less any concrete final plan. well, you could say it is a part abstract, part impromptu sculpture. oh, did i mention that the Lumberjill also took the pain to strip the bark off the log? pretty awesome, eh?
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conceived by designer duo David Long & Antoine Morris of The Practice of Everyday Design, the Log Chop Bench recently went under the hammer at the Stellar Living 2011 Contemporary Art & Design Auction for Mercer Union in Toronto, Ontario. the bench has an estimated retail value of $2,900.

The Log Chop Bench 544x368px

The Practice of Everyday Design via Yanko Design

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