The Salvation Army DMG Foods Opens In Baltimore Maryland USA

For those in the stateside, specifically Baltimore in Maryland, Salvation Army is now more than just thrift shops where you can shop for goods to benefit the needy because, it has partner with Maryland Food Bank to open its first not-for-profit grocery store in the U.S. DMG Foods, which is the acronym of the charity organization’s motto (Doing the Most Good), has no fancy cashier-free check outs nor does it touts robotic stock checkers; instead, it exists with the aim to “present a sustainable model that engages the community in order for them to eat healthier, smarter, cheaper and all of that,” said The Salvation Army area commander for Baltimore, Gene Hogg.

The Salvation Army DMG Foods Opens In Baltimore Maryland USA
Image credit: Maryland Food Bank.

The 7,000 square-foot store, located at 400 E 29th St., bears the hallmark of a typical supermarket, which means you can expect standard supermarket flair like on-site butchers, deli counters and pre-made meals counters. Like the thrift shops the organization has been running, the store is open to everyone. Not only folks on SNAP benefits eligible for additional coupons, DMG Foods is reportedly aiming to “double the amount of food people on SNAP can buy.”

In addition to providing another avenue for grocery acquisition, DMG Foods also boasts workforce development program with the goal of improving employees’ customer service skills, plus it aims to educate community members on healthier shopping and eating habits. If all goes as planned, The Salvation Army plans to include other food desert areas in the U.S.

Images: Maryland Food Bank/The Salvation Army.

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