Unless you are living under the ocean rock at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, you should be aware of the unfortunate situation in Ukraine. Now, usually, we don’t want to get involved but our friends over at WESN have friends over in Ukraine that needed help.

The WESN Ukraine-themed Knife Bundles

I know, there are millions who needed help at this point, not just somebody’s friends. But with millions displaced by the war, you can’t really do anything except to pray (if you are the religious kind, that is) and hope there will be a diplomatic solution soon.

In any case, a war in 2022, for whatever reasons, is a barbaric act. Our forefathers may have known better, but for the love of God, we are in 2022! We should have learned from their mistakes. The only war we should wage is with coronavirus. Geez. OK. There. I’ve said it…

The WESN Ukraine-themed Knife Bundles

Anywho, WESN has a couple of friends who have been creating handles for WESN’s upcoming projects. Naturally, the war puts them out of jobs. WESN, being a partner to the Ukrainian friends, is having an Ukraine weekend at WESN, from March 25 through to March 27. 

During this time, WESN will be selling two Ukraine-themed bundles, featuring Bellwether Supply-crafted Cobalto Blue Allman and Henry sheathes paired with Mustard Yellow Allman and Mustard G10 Henry. The two bundles will be offered in extremely limited supply.

The WESN Ukraine-themed Knife Bundles

It’s Okay if you are not keen on the bundles, or missed out on the limited bundles when they become available this weekend, because any knife, accessory, and whatnot you buy off WESN during this time, 20% of the sales will be donated to individuals affected by the war. So, if you want to do your part, be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the WESN website. Meanwhile, you may learn more about the Allman HERE and the Henry HERE.

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All images courtesy of WESN.

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