When you are in competitive gaming, sitting on the hot seat is a good thing, but not quite if the seat is literally hot after hours of sitting on it. So, if you rather not have a heated bum, then Thermaltake X Comfort Air Gaming Chair is the seat you want your ass to rest on. It is literally the coolest seat you can find in the market because, it actually has fans slipped under the seat to quell the temperature by 0.6-1.5 degrees Celsius (33-34 Fahrenheit). By numbers, the so-called cooling may not look like much, but it should help to take away some heat.

Thermaltake X Comfort Air Gaming Chair

Altogether there are four 60 mm fans sandwiched inside the seat and while this piece of furniture might be a product of a computer fan maker, Thermaltake does not merely pulled a few fans from its catalog to fulfill the cooling needs. Instead, the five-blade fan was said to have been tweaked so each of them can push more air and when combined with a wind blocker frame, allows air to be directed to the center section of the blade “for more focused air flow.”

Thermaltake X Comfort Air Gaming Chair

As far as chair is concerned, Thermaltake X Comfort Air Gaming Chair is of PU leather (read: not real leather) and it features a meshed seat to afford the fans to promote air circulation and thus, lowering the otherwise warm seat. Like any good gaming seat that takes on the form of a racing seat, X Comfort Air also boasts dense foam padding with an ergonomic design, powerful Class-4 gas piston, large 3-inch caster wheels (that looks like sport wheels of road-going cars), durable aluminum base, height adjustment, the ability to recline, tilt rock and tilt lock, and four-way armrests.

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Thermaltake X Comfort Air Gaming Chair

Everything appears to be in order, except that for one thing: the cooling feature is only available to the seat and not the backrest which is another area of concern when it comes to heat build up. Interestingly, the fan speed is user-adjustable via a fan controller that lets you switch between three speeds, 1,530 RPM, 3,060 RPM, and 5,100 RPM, so gamers and PC enthusiasts may find it akin to tweaking the fan speed of their PCs.

Anywho, it is clear that the highlight of this otherwise run-of-the-mill gaming chair is the fan-powered cooling, but TBH, we are not sure if it is worth the asking price of $499.99.

Images: Thermaltake.

via Hardwarezone.

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