this gyrocopter is inspired by sports cars and motorcycles

Kocyba Fliege Supergiro 544x368px
(credit: Daniel Kocyba)

a picture is worth a thousand words. case in the point: the Fliege – Supergiro gyrocopter featured here. one look, you will known it is personal and it is a helicopter of sort. need we say more? designer Daniel Kocyba cited his inspirations from sports cars and motorcycles. the pilot’s seat form the main part of the aluminum frame while information (presumably, the aircraft essential info) will be projected to the pilot’s helmet. yes, the pilot will have to wear a helmet. overall, it is a gorgeous aircraft but i got a hunch that it will remain as a concept. the blades up there does look a little too threatening to our heads. don’t it?
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Kocyba Fliege Supergiro 544x288px

Kocyba Fliege Supergiro 544x568px

Kocyba via DVICE

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