Thule Round Trip Bike Boxes

Thule Round Trip Bike Boxes

if you are a serious cyclist, chances are you won’t settle for the second best ride when traveling and hence the need to bring you trusty bike with you – wherever you go. but that won’t be easy task, unless you are willing to put down good money for a custom case. Thule, the Swedish name for all-thing automotive storage, think they might have the awesome solution to your bicycle transportation woes. the Thule Round Trip Bike Boxes is a trio of collection consisting of the Round Trip Pro, Round Trip Elite, and the Round Trip Sport, that are designed to transport your beloved pedal ride safely and in style. the Pro (hard case of ABS and aluminum construction) and Elite (soft case made of hyper durable nylon) models feature roof rack-like rail for securing the bike frame, and this rail can be pulled out and doubles as a reliable work stand for working on your bike.

each of the Pro and Elite boxes come with two wheel bags that fit within the box. however if budget is a real concern, the entry level Round Trip Sport might be a good fit, however for this particular model, you have to do without the rail/work stand. in place of the rail are four heavy duty straps to secure the bike and parts for transit, while dividers separate the wheels from the frame. the Sport model is set to be available in December and January is the scheduled availability for the Pro and Elite models. price-wise, expect to shell out $379.95 for the Round Trip Sport and $599.95 each for the Round Trip Pro and Round Trip Elite models. a look at the rail/work stand combo after the break.

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Thule Round Trip Bike Boxes - The Rail

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