Thunder Tiger Nautantia 1M Racing Yacht

Thunder Tiger Nautantia 1M Racing Yacht
Thunder Tiger Nautantia 1M Racing Yacht | US$tba |

not everyone can afford a racing sailboat, much less crash them without feeling the pinch like what Pierce Brosnan did in the rebooted version of the The Thomas Crown Affair. however, that dream of owning a racing yacht is more attainable if you choose to go the remote control way. for that, you can start with this beautiful Nautantia 1M Racing Yacht by Thunder Tiger. granted that Thunder Tiger is not the name that is closely associated with radio controlled watercraft but their rich history in the radio control business that covers air, land, sea and anything in between is enough to make them a worthy maker of such grown up toy. the Nautantia 1M Racing Yacht features a factory pre-painted rigid ABS blow hull, low drag hydrodynamic steel ballast, scaled deck decorations, rigid extruded Al booms and masts with tear-resistant racing sails, and a display stand that allows you to proudly show off your miniature speed demon of the sea when you are not racing with it. the 1M comes as a kit which means getting your hands dirty is part of the deal while electronics such as servo, receiver, controller et cetera necessary for the full functioning of the boat are not included. learn more about this one meter beauty HERE or head past the jump for a few more look.

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