If personal music enjoyment is more than just about you enjoying your favorite tunes, but also a major style statement, then perhaps, you may want to take a look this unique pair of true wireless earbuds from Tiger & Rose.

The most striking feature of the Tiger & Rose True Wireless Earbuds, as it is simply called, is obviously the design. It is designed to turn heads and also, to make true wireless earbuds look a whole lot less boring.

Tiger & Rose True Wireless Earbuds

In place of the usual black or white stud or knob or button as in the case of Google Pixel Buds, it has a sculpted tiger which, IMHO, looks more like a panther. I am sure this pair of earbuds will be loved by citizens of Wakanda.

The image of a ferocious cat is made even menacing or stylish, depending on how you look at it, with glowing LED eyes (!). In addition to the striking look is affordability. Tiger & Rose True Wireless Earbuds will sell for $129, but for a limited time on Indiegogo, you can secure one for March 2020 delivery for just $59.

Other notables include 10 mm driver with graphene diaphragm, Qualcomm QCC302X chipset, true stereo wireless sound, 6-hour battery life, a 24-hour battery wireless charging case, Bluetooth 5.0 + BLE, IPX5 rated, touch controls on earbud, and support for popular voice assistants.

Like every crowdfunded campaign, it has its risks, but I will let you be your own judge. Skip ahead for the product pitch/promo video.

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Images: Tiger & Rose.

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