Lets have a show of hand of how many people uses their smartphone while using the toilet. Well, I guess most of us do. Wait, you don’t? Oh, come’on, don’t be shy. It’s ok to admit it cos’ you are definitely not alone. In any case, whether you do use or not, you may want to know that according to “Unexpected Places where Germs Grow During Winter” on “Weekly SPA!,” a smartphone display is said to pack five times more germs than that of a toilet seat which is a cringe-worthy revelation. But don’t throw your phone away in disgust yet cos’ one of Japan’s biggest telco, NTT Docomo, has pull a sleek marketing campaign by equipping 86 toilets at Narita Airport in Tokyo with, wait for this… smartphone toilet paper and it is exactly what it sounds like.

Toilet Paper for Smartphone by NTT Docomo

In addition to your regular ass-wiping toilet paper is this smaller toilet paper which you can use to clean the device’s screen. Though I am not sure how this is going to work out since the toilet cubicle is in itself a germ/bacteria hotspot. Usage-wise, I am guessing you’d wipe the phone screen clean and stash it away before you proceed to wipe your butt. That kind of sounds logical to me cos’ you probably won’t want to contaminate the cleaned device screen after you already had it wiped down. Also, this smartphone toilet paper is totally flushable and so, after using it, you can simply flush it down the loo together with whatever waste you ass spits out.

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Besides providing you with an expendable material to clean your mobile device, this smartphone toilet paper is also printed with useful information like instructions like how to hook up to Docomo WiFi for visitor as well as travel information with voice translation function, accessible through an app. So, if you are visiting Japan or already there, you may want to hit up one of these smartphone toilet paper-equipped toilets and check it out. In case, you intend to do so, make sure you do so soon cos’ it is not a permanent thing; these smartphone toilet paper will be removed after March 15, 2017. Proceed forth for a rather humorous video which also teaches you how to use a toilet.

Image: screengrab from YouTube video.

Additional images via Trafficnews.jp.

YouTube via NewLaunches

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