Selling edible fishes was never a “fishy business,” well, that’s until now. The story went that a Kuwaiti fishmonger was caught sticking googly eyes on fish to make it look a lot fresher than it really was. According to the report, a video of the fish with fake eye was circulated among local Whatsapp users and shortly after, a couple of images surface online. The two images that were shared on social media were like ‘before/after’ photos.

One photo saw the a fish with a googly eye on it and the other, obviously the ‘after’ photo, showed the fake eye had slipped off, exposing the ugly, real eye. The fish wasn’t as fresh, now was it? I don’t know anything about buying fish for food, but we heard, one can judge a fish’s freshness by the eyes. Then again, it probably don’t need an expert to tell me so because, if the eyes looked more ‘alive’, it is probably not dead for long.

Fresh Fish Look With Googly Eyes
It slips… whoopsies.

The fact that this fish seller tried to pull this off expecting no one to notice it was a scam is actually hilarious. I mean, even for a person who does not know a thing about edible fishes, I know very well fish eyes don’t look like plastic, craft-store googly eyes. The white is a too white to be any believable. More often than not, fishes’ sclera or equivalent (I don’t what it is scientifically called) is not white. Some are silvery, while some are yellowish, but one thing for sure, they are not as uniform like the fake eye. Nice try, dear whoever you are.

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Actually, I am quite amazed that this fishmonger managed to find the right size googly eye. After the exposé, the stall was swiftly shut down by the authorities. Though we are not sure if any punishment is being served for trying to deceive consumers. Anyways, that’s one bizarre scam that, for some reasons, is so hilarious.

Images: Twitter.

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