Transformers Capbots Captimus Prime Action Figure

Transformers have all sort of crossovers. Of late, it is making an appearance in World of Warships and in the past, there is even Nike Transformers robots. Speaking of transforming shoes robots, it is not the oddest yet because, recently, we learned that transforming baseball cap robot is a thing too.

You read that right. A baseball cap that transforms into a robot. Transformers Capbots Captimus Prime, as it is called, transforms from a baseball cap to the noble Autobots leader, Optimus Prime.

The caveat here is, this headgear in disguise is not actual life-size, wearable baseball cap. I guess technology has not reach that advanced stage where it can do that. In fact, the ‘baseball cap’ is a miniature flat bill 59FIFTY baseball cap and the robot itself is equally small too, at just 4 inches tall. (inspired by an actual wearable hat).

Also, it is totally not fabric. It’s plastic, obviously. The toy is an official item from Takara Tomy and it came onto the market way back in 2013. Anywho, if you want one, you can find it on TFSource selling for US$39.99 a pop.

Images: Takara Tomy [JP].

Hat tip: Reddit (u/Racecarsoup).