The powerful and ruthless Decepticon Deathsaurus must have heard that his longtime archnemesis Star Saber has successfully arrived on planet Earth through a portal known as HasLab and he must have somehow put ideas into the designers at HasLab in a bid to materialize through the same manner too. That’s right, folks, the Autobot Supreme Commander’s arch nemesis Deathsaurus aka デスザラス Desuzarasu aka Deszaras and Dezarus is the latest HasLab crowdfunding project.

Transformers Generations HasLab Deathsaurus

The Transformers Generations HasLab Deathsaurus, as it is officially called, is a premium 11-inch transforming toy inspired by the Japanese anime, Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: Victory (戦え!超ロボット生命体 トランスフォーマーV). He is a Breastforce warrior partnered with two transforming chest plates, namely, Eaglechest and Tigerchest Micromaster Figures.

The former is an eagle that can convert into a cassette that fits inside the chest of Deathsaurus and it has a third mode as a double-barreled blaster which can be wielded by the Emperor of Destruction. The Tigerchest, on the other hand, is a tiger that can transform into a horned chest piece of Deathsaurus in his robot mode. Tigerchest can also convert into a cartoon-accurate longbow, complete with an arrow, which can be armed on the main figure.

The main figure itself converts between robot and griffon-dragon alt mode and boasts plenty of features befitting the Decepticon warlord, including wing, claw, and jaw articulation.

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Transformers Generations HasLab Deathsaurus

The Transformers Generations HasLab Deathsaurus costs US$179.99 and it would need at least 11,000 “backers” by December 12, 2022, 11:59 PM EST, for it to go into production.

If the campaign reaches 14,000 backers, HasLab will throw in a “weapon pack” that includes a flail with an articulated chain, two sets of triple-stacked Fire Blast effects, and his terrifying superweapon, the Living-Metal-Destroy-Cannon. And if the project reaches 17,000 backers, a display base with a stand attachment for displaying the figure in dynamic poses and a throne as seen in the cartoon will be included.

Meanwhile, you can learn more about the figure and what it has to offer, including stretch goals’ perks over at

Transformers Generations HasLab Deathsaurus
Transformers Generations HasLab Deathsaurus

Images: Hasbro.

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