I can’t think of anyone would be a fan of Barricade. Wait, what. Barricade, who? Well, that would be the villain aka Decepticons from the first Transformers movie. Barricade was first seen in 2007 sci-fi/fantasy flick and oh yeah, it was that menacing police car that relentless pursuit Sam Witwicky, otherwise known as his eBay handle LadiesMan217, about a pair of antique glasses he was trying to sell on eBay. Yes. That car. So now for the news. If you are fan, then you’d be glad that he will be making a come back in the next robots in disguise movie, Transformers: The Last Knight and thanks to actor Josh Duhamel (who reprises the role of William Lennox, now as a Lt. Colonel apparently), who tweeted an image of the said vehicle.

From the image, it is obvious to anyone that this police car is not a friendly. How could anyone not tell that it is anything but a legitimate police? The bulging hood with dual air-intake, insane athletic lines, coupled with flared wheel arches and an enormous rear spoiler all points to it being a bad guy. Why? Because “bad guys always get the cool stuff,” and the latest model of Mustang with the kit and all, definitely looks super cool. We just hope it will have more screen time. So, are you excited about the new Barricade in next Transformers movie? Or are you tired of the transforming organic robot movie reeked with horn-loaded soundtracked?

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Image by Josh Duhamel.

via Carscoops

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