the main reason why smartphone users are caught with dead phone is, the lack of seriously portable charger. there are of course a barrage of portable chargers out in the market, but do you really want to carry a brick around when you are out cycling? or just meeting a pal at the cafe a few streets down? probably not. so this is where TravelCard can help. it is a true credit card-sized portable charger designed for iPhone and Android smartphones that measures just 4.77 mm (3/16″) thick and weighs a mere 56.7g (2 oz.), making it small enough to slip into your wallet or sweat pants and ready to be call to action whenever the juice is low on your device.

packed into its anodized aluminum enclosure is a lithium polymer battery with 1,300 mAh on the tab that, when fully topped, offers up to additional 5 hours of talk time, 4 1/2 hours of Internet usage, or up to 98 hours of standby time. the portable charger features integrated charging cable so you don’t have to deal with extra cables or adapter while on the go and a set of LED lights keeps you in the know of the battery juice level. available for both iPhone 5/5s and Android smartphones, the TravelCard Credit Card-sized Portable Charger can be acquired through the product’s Kickstarter campaign for 40 bucks a pop, with delivery set to be in May 2014. keep going for a no-frill, infomercial-style product pitch video.

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