Trioh! Flashlight

Trioh! Flashlight
Trioh! Flashlight | from US$59.00 |

there is an age-old problem with the flashlight as we know it: it can’t be seen in the dark which defeats its intended purpose when you are hit by an unexpected outage (unless you are the odd lot that keeps a flashlight next to you whenever you go or whatever you do). with the Trioh! Flashlight, fumbling in the dark for your flashlight will be a thing of the past. the Trioh! comprises of two parts: the charging base and the flashlight itself which together, forms a beautiful curvaceous art piece that will look good in any home decor. of course, looking pretty is a bonus but it is what it can do that deserves our attention. the Trioh! doubles as an accent light during normal evenings and whenever the charging base detects a power outage, the Trioh! three super-bright LEDs turn on automatically, thus giving you the much needed light for next 12 hours. the Trioh! Flashlight can be yours if you make a pledge of $59 or more. a short product intro awaits after the break.

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