If you’re obsessed with building computers, tinkering with the latest tech gadgets, or generally working with tools in the garage, you could turn this passion into something more. If you’re not already in a job that requires the use of your imagination, creativity and your ability to build new inventions, maybe you should pursue a career in engineering.

It could open many doors for you in various industries, and certainly wouldn’t be a dull job. Engineers have been important to society for centuries, introducing new and exciting technology that has improved the quality of life for people all over the globe. They are revolutionaries whose inventions and expertise have gone down in history and they provide the foundations for the future of technology.

If this sounds interesting to you, here is a bit more detail as to why a career in engineering could be right for you.

Turning Your Passion For Tech Into A Career
Illustration by Tayeb MEZAHDIA from Pixabay.

Studying an engineering degree is necessary to achieve a successful career in this field. Engineering is a very technical job, which is why a keen eye for detail and a patient disposition are both strong qualities that a potential engineer should have. As mentioned above, many industries need engineers to develop products and services. Do some research into the areas you are interested in to discover what type of qualifications you will need to secure a job. Kettering University and other similar establishments offer a range of engineering programs, such as computer engineering and autonomous vehicles. Find the relevant course for your goals and begin taking the steps to receive a formal education in this field.

A career in engineering will certainly provide many opportunities to be involved in exciting projects. It is a field of expertise that leads with creativity and innovation, improving how industries function. For example, the pursuit of greener energy sources to help ease the strain on the environment is something that many people are concerned about in modern society. Engineers are applying their knowledge and skills to help scientific studies and energy companies to find solutions to this problem.

Furthermore, in the medical field, engineers are helping to develop new hospital and lab equipment to improve patient care and medical research. These are just a couple of examples of how innovation is being used by engineers to find solutions to the problems that societies face.

If being involved in the most exciting, innovative tech isn’t quite enough to entice you, then maybe a more-than-comfortable salary will do the trick. Engineers are some of the best-paid professionals across all industries, with an average starting salary of $58,000 — that’s very impressive! If you already have a passion for tech and other engineering pursuits, why not make a decent amount of money out of it? Although money shouldn’t be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing careers, it’s still important to know you can live comfortably. With a salary like that, you can certainly live a secure lifestyle.

Career Progression
Another important factor for many people when they’re choosing careers is knowing that there are good chances of progression. It’s good to feel as though you’re moving forward rather than being stuck in a position that is stagnating in terms of progress. For engineers, there certainly is the opportunity to move forward in your career and accept more responsibility. From starting as a junior engineer, you can then work up to a senior level, a principal and to director roles in which you will be responsible for the entire engineering operations within a company or organization. These are rewarding roles and allow an individual the opportunity to challenge themselves and achieve incredible goals.

Turning Your Passion For Tech Into A Career
Photo by Kaur Kristjan on Unsplash.

One of the perks of technology engineering and other fields is that these job roles give you the chance to experiment and be creative. There aren’t many jobs that can offer you the opportunity to invent unique, interesting new gadgets, software and so on that could potentially change the world. It certainly makes it a fun, exciting job where every day is different. In an engineering role you’re encouraged to use your imagination and apply your knowledge to turn these brilliant ideas into a reality. For this reason, an engineering career trumps any run-of-the-mill office jobs any day.

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Changes Lives
Although this has already been touched upon in the points above, it’s worth mentioning again because it’s truly the most incredible opportunity engineers have. Using your knowledge and skills to think up ideas that could save lives is an awe-inspiring thing. Knowing that your hard work and expertise has changed the lives of many people for the better is something you can be proud of and will motivate you to go into the lab every day. A career as an engineer is probably one of the most rewarding jobs for this reason.

Access to the Latest Tech
As someone who has a passion for the latest technological advancements, this will be a very attractive part of the role. As an engineer you will have access to the most recent tech gadgets, software and other cool new inventions before anyone else. In addition, you can see all of these things as they are being developed by your peers and you can even help to test out prototypes. It’s certainly the perfect opportunity for you to get your hands on the best new tech before it goes into a mainstream market.

It’s important to network in any career, but as an engineer you will have the opportunity to meet modern trail-blazers and those who may have invented something that has changed your life. This is an incredible chance to discuss future innovative ideas with some of the best minds in the business and even to collaborate on new and exciting projects with them.

If you’re a lover of tech or fancy yourself an inventor, why not pursue an engineering career and put your creativity to good use? Help to change the world and shape history with your expertise and skill.

Featured image by photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash.

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