Acronym J1A-GTKP Death Stranding Jacket

At a time like this, you’d think non essential products like, say, a jacket will be the last thing that gets snapped up. Well, that was exactly the case with this Acronym piece, the J1A-GTKP Custom 3L Gore-Tex Pro jacket.

If you are familiar with Kojima Productions’ video game, Death Stranding, this J1A-GTKP Custom 3LGore-Tex Pro jacket will mean something to you.

It is the official BRIDGES variant of Acronym’s J1A-GT Gen 2.2, developed in close collaboration with Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions (for old schoolers, that’s the man and company behind the Metal Gear video game series).

Acronym has given a Death Stranding twist to its signature jacket with tweaks like repositioned and resized GravityPocket in yellow to mimic the baby carrier pod, plus BRIDGES logo here and there.

As for built, the jacket is made from next-gen Gore-Tex Pro fabric technology that promised ruggedness, increased breathability, and greater comfort across more conditions.

Acronym J1A-GTKP Death Stranding Jacket (note: not official name) was put on sale yesterday and it was promptly sold out even it commands €1,750 ($1,900) a pop.

It is not the end of the world for diehard Death Stranding fans who are super rich, though. The jacket is still up for grab from Kojima Productions Japan web store, albeit one size is apparently out at the time of this post.

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It is selling for 192,500 yen tax included (around $1,790).

If you really want one and knows the way to buy from Japan, then we suggest you act on quick. Oh, wait. Before you jump on it, all other things, including the baby jar and the suitcases, are props and are not included with the jacket.

Acronym J1A-GTKP Death Stranding Jacket

Images: Acronym GmbH.

Source: Kotaku.