It is ashamed that LEGO did not do a good job with the official Back to the Future The DeLorean Time Machine (21103) set. Thankfully, Orion Pax, AKA Alex Jones, did the arguably the most iconic time machine in movie’s history justice with his “UCS DeLorean Time Machine.” Alas, though, that was something no amount of money in the world can buy.

UCS DeLorean Time Machine by Dave Slater

However, this “UCS DeLorean Time Machine” by Dave Slater is different. It is something your hard earned money can buy and if you are a major BTTF fan, you will want to buy it because, it has a boatload of details. Like, seriously, lots of it. Key highlights include opening gullwing doors, folding wheels for transforming between car and flying mode and vice versa, a super detailed interior that includes the all-important flux capacitor.

There’s a caveat with Slater’s creation, though. He’s selling the instructions and part list only. If you want this masterpiece, you will have to acquire the instructions and part list from Brick Vault for $29.99 and proceed to pick up the 2,010 LEGO parts from sources like BrickLink. Speaking of which, Slater estimates that it will cost $325-350 to acquire all the LEGO elements for the build. So if you really want one, you’d prepare to splurge.

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Just in case you are wondering how big is this 2,000+ pieces build… it is measures a pretty lengthy 36 cm (14.2 inches) long which should make for an imposing display.

Images: Flickr (Dave Slater).

Source: designboom.

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