Hamee Woman’s Hand iPhone Case

When it comes to comforting the lonely soul (particularly men, if we may add) in Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun ranks among the most creative. In addition to the run-of-the-mill sex dolls, the most notable development in addressing loneliness would be the hologram lover. Granted, those two aren’t the most affordable companions and so, we thought lonely souls out there may prefer this more affordable solution: Woman’s Hand iPhone Case.

Hamee Woman’s Hand iPhone Case

Officially called Nami’s Hand, this otherwise regular iPhone case features a realistic hand modeled after a real woman’s hand, presumably named Nami, stuck to the back. The hand is pretty damn realistic, boasting details like palm creases, nails and their lunula, you know, the white crescent-shaped area of a finger nail? Yeah, that.

While Nami’s Hand may not fully replica a real person’s hand, it is soft and flexible enough to mimic the feel somewhat. Created by Japanese smartphone case maker Hamee, the Woman’s Hand iPhone Case is probably not for the squeamish as it features only the hand portion, making it looks like someone has lopped off a lady’s hand only to affix to a phone case.

Hamee Woman’s Hand iPhone Case

Morbid factor aside, Woman’s Hand iPhone Case does have some practical function. Obviously, physical size isn’t its strongest suit, but it does let you prop up the phone vertically for FaceTime breakfast with your love one, or prop up at an angle on the desk. The case can also lend a hand (pun very much intended) in organizing your headphone cable too. Whatever you do, don’t ever slip this thing into a grocery bag and hand it over to someone with a weak heart.

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Hamee Woman’s Hand iPhone Case, AKA Nami’s Hand, is available for the newer iPhone X, XS, XR, as well as older models like iPhone 6, 6S, 7 and 8. Hamee Woman’s Hand iPhone Case can be had for 10,000 Yen plus tax (US$92). Yikes. Never knew getting a hand would be this pricey. It is available to residents of Japan via Hamee Shop on Strapya, Rakuten as well as Amazon Japan.

Images: Hamee [JP].

Source: Japan Today.